BadoinkVR Tries Erotic VR Fiction

BadoinkVR are one of the most innovative of the first wave of virtual reality porn sites. Along with VirtualRealPorn, they were the first to experiment with ‘vroleplay’ – VR Pov videos that make the headset wearer feel he is in the body of another gender or race. Recently they marketed a VR video starring August Ames as the first ‘virtual sex therapy’ that helps men with performance or sexual anxiety to overcome their problems in VR. Now they have pushed the boundaries again with their release of ‘SFW – Erotic Alcove’ which features nothing but a clothed (sexy) young woman reading from a work of erotic fiction. Presumably the video is expected to have crossover appeal for both men looking to get turned on in VR in a new way, and to women looking for something a bit softer but erotic. A new way of experiencing the erotic literature that became mainstream with the incredible success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.


New VR Porn Site – VR3000


Another new VR porn site – VR3000Amazing to think that the first commercial VR headset was only released several months ago and I’ve already lost count of the number of VR porn sites there are online now – I think this should mean there are at least 20 paysites out there.  VR3000 looks like a worth addition to the list – hardcore movies, featuring group scenes as well as featuring models that I haven’t come across anywhere else in VR porn.  There is nothing that really stands out about this site but it’s certainly worth a join if you are committed to building your library and want to join a number of the paysites.  I haven’t yet joined myself so I only have access to previews and sample videos, but from what I’ve seen it’s a good quality site.  Visit for extended reviews of the other major sites.

‘3D Virtuality Porn is Going to Change Everything’

An incel (involuntary male celibate) describes his experience of virtual reality porn to other incels on a forum. The impact of VR porn, as well as of course ‘sexbots’ on the sex market and dating scene is a much discussed topic in the ‘manosphere’ – a loosely related collection of male focused internet communities that encompasses pick-up artists, men’s rights activists, to incels. The general consensus is usually that new sex tech such as virtual reality and A.I sexbots will be a Godsend for men as it will give them a realistic alternative to dating women. Many argue it will also make women return to more feminine ways out of a necessity to compete with their new high-tech competition.

I needed a new phone a month or so ago. I picked up a Samsung S7 Edge, in part because I wanted to try it with the Gear VR. It has been an incredible decision.

VR is amazing to experience in any context. You can strap on the goggles and look around in 3D 360 degrees at for example the Himalayas, or a giant grizzy bear 10 feet away, or a CGI environment that could never even exist in real life.

But even more amazing is 3D VR porn. I can not even express how incredible the past few weeks of experiencing this technology has been.

First of all, IT FEELS SO REAL. When a girl leans in to “kiss”, my lips move instinctively. When she sticks out her ass or puts her tits in my face, I reach a hand up to feel it. Even if there is nothing there, mentally I process it as almost real. It triggers almost a complete response in my brain to the real thing.

I have begun to realize there is a certain level of realness that is necessary to evoke a mental and emotional response, and these VR simulations are more than sufficient.

I feel like I’m getting 70-80% of what I would from if these things were actually happening IRL.

Only I am sitting in the comfort of my own couch or bed. I haven’t had to pay $400 to have it happen or dated a girl for days on end. There are no diseases. There are no condoms which feel awful. You can use death grip. And when I’m done I just take off the goggles and move on with my life. There’s no girl to deal with after.

In so many ways this is SUPERIOR to actual women.

This superiority also becomes evident when you see porn stars “IRL” (what it appears to be) moving around in a real environment and with realistic camera angles. These girls have such incredible bodies. Additionally, their facial harmony is amazing too. I’m amazed at how perfectly symmetric their faces are. How fine their features are. How tiny their waists and heights are. How tight and perfect their asses are.

You don’t even realize how beautiful and 8-9+/10 many of these porn stars are for total sexual value until you see them straight on from “your own eyes”. And there is no experience like seeing them as you would if you were the one actually fucking them. If you want to stare at her straight in the eyes while she’s bouncing up and down on “your cock” you can. Or you can look at her tits. Or her vag as it does what it does.

It is surreal in how immersive it feels.

I’ve never been keen on most porn because I hate the “fisheye” distortion they use to make girls’ asses look ridiculously enormous. I hate seeing awkward weird angles. I hate seeing and hearing some dude grunting and making weird faces as he fucks her. I feel like I’m getting cucked just watching it. I don’t like the way you can’t control where they’re directing the camera.

VR porn solves all that.

You realize watching this stuff that you would NEVER in your life experience anything like this (unless you are hiring a top tier escort, and even then they likely wouldn’t be so “enthusiastic”).

In one video I get invited into a house by my “girlfriend” to meet her mom. I sit on a couch, while my “girlfriend’s mom” starts hitting on me immediately. My girlfriend then starts trying to give me a handjob and even fuck me while her mom is out of the room. Her mom keeps coming back and making excuses for my girlfriend to leave and when she does, the mom starts going on me too. They take turns like this, and it’s almost comical, but you could damn near imagine a top tier Chad experiencing something almost this extreme.

In “flat” view this is what it builds to looking like:


And it feels almost like it’s happening to you the whole time.

In another video, I’m surrounded by four top tier girls all stripping, dancing, and showing off. Every direction I look in there’s a gorgeous girl getting nude. You’ll have to trust me that they all look perfect and wonderfully proportioned with the goggles on, since I can’t show you that. But in weird, distorted 2-dimensional view this is what it looks like:


I had to look up the primary one – Anikka Albrite – because I couldn’t get over how ridiculously good she looks when she’s in front of you in perfect 3D. This is her FYI:


If you go to a nightclub there might be 2-5 girls out of 500 who have bodies and faces at this level. Even in a good strip club there might be maybe ONE girl working at this level. The odds of ANY guy fucking one of these girls without paying is so slim as to be nonexistent.

Most girls are fat. They have stocky bones. They’re too tall. Their faces are ugly. They’ve got flappy tits. Etc.

Would you rather spend hours sending hundreds of messages online and go for date after date to try to fuck one of those “average” girls, or would you rather strap on your goggles at the end of the day and experience 70-80% of what it would be like to virtually fuck one a top 1% girl?

VR porn is going to change the world.

The craziest part of these VR porn experiences is that because they feel so real to your mind, your mind almost processes them as if they really happened to you. ie. I feel like I ACTUALLY saw Anikka Albrite give me a strip tease. I feel like I almost ACTUALLY fucked my hot girlfriend’s mom while she was out running an errand.

When it’s over it gives you so much of the same rush you would get from actually doing these things because it feels like you really did. It feels like a memory.

This is going to be a game changer for the sexual market. My interest in chasing women has dropped off by at least 30-40% just from this. I can spend my time hanging out with family and friends, and working on hobbies. Then when I get horny, I strap on the goggles and I’m transported to a fantasy beyond my imagination.

This is going to inspire a whole generation of young men to just be content with their low sexual value and get what they need sexually from VR. I think it’s fantastic technology that really has to be experienced to be understood or believed. When it advances to the point that you can no longer see the pixels of the screen and the girls are photorealistic computer generated sprites with AI so they can respond and interact with you, it’s going to be game over.

I encourage everyone to get one of these units if you can. It’s currently the most affordable proper VR experience you can get, and it’s highly worth it. I think you can do the same thing with Google Cardboard or other similar headsets for other phone types, but I’m not sure of the exact methods you need to use. The Gear VR is nice because it comes with proprietary software that “just works”.

Talking about it has made me want to go back. I’m gonna go back now. I have no idea what the next video will let me see or experience, but I’m sure it will be memorable. This shit’s highly addictive.

Gina Gerson in Czech VR

Gina Gerson is my favourite porn actress and she’s already starred in a number of movies for several of the different VR sites. In her latest she becomes the 84th model for CzechVR. Although not Czech, and not even Hungarian as she is often credited as (although she may live in Budapest like many in the industry), she certainly is a beautiful Slavic girl – actually hailing from St Petersburg. This is my favourite of her scenes because unlike the other sites the Czech VR movies are pretty basic with their settings – just you, on a bed, with a horny naked girl. This means that even if you have watched a famous actress like Gina being fucked 100 times before in porn, it feels really fresh in this video, especially of course in VR. Gina becomes less of a pornstar and more of a cute young Russian/Czech/Hungarian girl you just picked up off the street and are now banging on your bed.

Visit CzechVR

This is the first time I’ve previewed an actual VR porn movie here at this site. Although I want to talk mainly about developments in tech relating to porn and the way we have sex (and masturbate), it seems I may as well showcase some of the best movies. Of course, I don’t want to turn this place into a pornsite, but at the same time it seems silly to pretend it can be entirely ‘safe for work’ when I have porn in the title/domain name. So for the moment I’ll provide links and previews of the best movies, new sites in VR, 4K, (hopefully soon holo etc) whilst not showing any hardcore photos or videos directly (notice I have cropped the still shot of Gina above).

Mixed Reality Porn Using the Oculus Rift

Mixed reality porn might be here sooner than we thought.  The difference between VR – Virtual Reality, and MR – Mixed Reality, can be difficult to get one’s head around.  Throw in AR – Augmented Reality, and the confusion becomes even greater.  Essentially, VR puts you into a completely immersive virtual environment – it blocks out the real world completely.  AR adds information to the real world.  MR is perhaps the most exciting because it mixes the real world with a 3D virtual environment.  VR headsets – and VR porn – are already here.  AR is taking off through smartphone applications and games such as the wildly popular Pokeman Go.  We thought we might have to wait until the Microsoft HoloLens for Mixed Reality to take off, and the possibilities of MR porn, but it now appears that at type of mixed reality is possible though VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, as this ‘Mixed Reality Bedroom’ demo shows :

Elements of the real world environment have been mapped onto the digital environment of the VR headset wearer, making it ‘mixed reality’ as well as VR. Now consider the immense possibilities for mixed reality porn! The VR headset wearer could effectively have a naked woman transported into his bedroom and ‘have sex’ with her on his own bed. The ‘mixed reality’ mapping feature could even be used so that a sex doll (or a real person) the wearer is fucking would appear to be a naked girl, perhaps a pornstar, a celebrity, or even his neighbour.  This would make immersive porn far more intimate and perhaps ‘real’ than current VR porn.

Ian Pearson Gives Interview on the Future of Virtual Sex

Futurologist Ian Pearson recently made waves in the mainstream media by predicting that humans would be having sex with robots more often than with each other by the year 2050. That claim was made in a report on the future of sex commissioned by a sex toy company, so it might be expected that he should make some headline catching claims. However, in an interview given to conservative online magazine ‘Breitbart’ this week, he gives some illuminating further thoughts on how he sees vr porn, virtual sex, and robot sex developing in the next decades. Most interesting is his idea of ‘active skin’ which would allow direct stimulation of the nerves and even the possibility of ‘recording’ sexual experiences to be replayed in virtual reality.

“By 2030, we really should have VR contact lenses in common use, so the great big clumsy Oculus Rift-style headsets which are only slightly better than the 1991 things in terms of size, I really don’t think people are gonna be wearing these whopping great headsets in 2030. You can do all of that imaging with active contact lenses. You can put a few lenses and a micro-mirror into the contact lens and you could do high resolution graphics straight onto the retina… Obviously there’s no weight associated with that at all, it’s the same weight as a contact lens, you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them, but you’d be able to see full high resolution images.

The other technology I expect for 2030 would include active skin, at least initially starting to get links into the nervous system, so a lot of the stuff you do today using sex toys you could do by direct stimulation of the nerves. So you could record and replay sensations for example. If you’re having really great sex with somebody, you could record the sensations associated with it by having electronic devices connected to the nerves, so they’re recording the use of one or two megabits per second going up that nerve. You could record that, and you could replay that whenever you’re exhibiting the same experience in VR, so if someone’s touching you in a particular place, you can replay the same sensations that you actually experience when someone did actually touch you in that place. So the virtual experience can produce exactly the same sensation as the real one. Recording and replaying sensations is realistic 2030 technology, along with the active contact lens.”

Read the Breitbart article :

Ian Pearson has his own blog at : Unlike many futurologists, it’s clear that Pearson has quite an insight into social and political trends, as well as technology. Also unlike most futurologists and transhumanist commentators, he’s rather politically incorrect.


Ian Pearon on the future timeline of virtual sex tech

Scan yourself into virtual worlds with Seene

As this video demonstrates, you will soon be able to easily make a 3D scan of your face using nothing more than your smartphone, then incorporate the resulting avatar into the virtual world of your choosing.  The possibilities for both virtual and mixed reality porn are obvious.  The line between digital and ‘real’ vr porn will also become blurred. Officially Launches

Perhaps the most interesting VR porn site out there officially launched this week. uses 3D scanning technology to create ultra-realistic 3D avatars of famous pornstars  that can then be featured in customized and interactive virtual reality porn scenes. The same techniques will presumably be used to generate holo porn and other augmented/mixed reality porn.  The site was recently featured in an article at, in which co-founder Morgan Young discussed how different his site was to conventional VR porn :

Whereas most VR porn experiences consist of canned video captured by a 3D Camera that plays out with little to no interactivity, Holodexxx VR uses the combination of a hand-built photogrammetry rig made up of 112 DSLR cameras, an industry-standard Vicon motion capture system and Unreal Engine 4, to create fully-animated and interactive digital renders of their performers.

“Our process is as far from a traditional porn shoot as I think it could be,” Young said. “We fly in our models, they come into our studio for a walk through, go to hair and makeup … and then stand in a very unsexy pose as our photogrammetry rig takes 112 simultaneous pictures of their entire body.”
Those 112 photographs are then put through a 3D stitching program to create a very high resolution model of the performer. After that, Young calls upon his years as a video game designer to take the lifeless models through a standard character rigging pipeline with the help of the Vicon and Unreal Engine.

The end result is a digital human that can be interacted with, customized and explored more thoroughly than a 2D image from a 360-degree camera.

During our interview, Young revealed for the first time the entire nine-performer roster that have been or will be scanned into the company’s experiences. They are: Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Riley Reid, Jynx Maze, Dani Jensen, Dani Daniels, Mia Malkova, Skin Diamond and male performer Christian Wilde.

Young confirmed that Holodexxx VR is developing both seated and standing experiences for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Even though Young admits that the most powerful experience his team has had is in a Vive using their program in a 12×12 walkable space, he understands the need to reach as wide of an audience as possible.


Mainstream Writers Try VR Porn and Love it

Naughty America have been inviting a number of online tech magazine writers to try their vr porn movies, and without fail it seems, they loved it. There seems to be a definite trend in the growing positive articles about adult vr, as compared to previously when most journalists felt obliged to claim that it was ‘creepy’ or suchlike. Take, for example, the writer at Digital Spy, who compares trying vr porn to the experience of losing one’s virginity :

Bashing the bishop, strumming the banjo, flicking the bean: whatever you call it, virtual reality is about to change it for good. I just had my first experience of VR porn, and it was as fun, exciting, and scary as The First Time.

But unlike that momentous event, this one didn’t happen in a teenage bedroom: my VR ‘V’ plates were taken in an outdoor cafe at the world’s biggest phone show, Mobile World Congress. (Never had that name seemed more ironic.)

With the help of adult entertainment site and VR porn pioneers Naughty America – and a Samsung Gear VR headset – I put down my coffee and in seconds found myself looking down at a ripped torso that clearly wasn’t mine, and a frankly intimidating jumbo man handle.

And I wasn’t alone. Completely unknown to the crowds around me, I was joined by two naked girls who quickly set about the johnson-that-wasn’t-mine-but-kind-of-was in a remarkably lifelike scenario. (I mean in the sense of real life happening, not plausibility. This was porn, after all.)

The scenes feature serious visual depth and three-dimensionality. My mind told me to reach out and touch, but my invisible arms were grabbing nothing but air. With the ability to move my head and look around the 180-degree field of view, it’s a classic case of look but don’t touch, but that didn’t really matter to the experience. Probably a good thing given where I was. In an instant, porn has transformed from a passive to an interactive experience.

By the time the second scene rolled round I was starting to feel like I was viewing it through my own eyes. The first-person perspective (PoV, in porn terms) meant I was no longer just watching porn, I was experiencing it too. This was my gym-toned, God-favoured body. My “partner’s” genitals were mere inches from my face. My brain felt like it was adapting to a new body and sensations, and when the ‘talent’ made eye contact, VR porn wasn’t just immersive, it became genuinely intimate.

But the writer notes that the ultra-realistic nature of vr porn, and its feeling of real intimacy far beyond 2D porn, may raise ethical questions.

But VR porn raises more than your heart rate – it raises moral dilemmas too. Despite being nowhere near a physical woman, the reality of the experience made me feel guilty. How would my girlfriend react knowing what I’d been getting up to at work? At what point do you have to consider it cheating?

Then there’s the issue that most of the ‘material’ is about the male, heterosexual gaze (as usual). There’s simply very little available yet for women (or men) who want to experience VR porn from a female or gay (or both) perspective, a fact that Naughty America puts down to lack of demand.

But that might change with time. Just as the internet has facilitated some (small) steps towards serving women’s demand for pornography as well as men’s, VR will inevitably create its own market. Porn is no longer just about titillation, it’s about experience. Fans of 2D smut who sample VR will simply never be able to go back. Like, ever.

The writer is clearly wrong about the lack of ‘alternative’ vr porn for women and gay men. This may be true of Naughty America, the site that he was sampling, but both BadoinkVR and VirtualRealPorn have released many ‘vrole play’ porn videos which lets you take the POV of another gender, race, and/or sexuality. For example, Badoink have made videos that let you experience interracial sex inside the body of a black man, or lesbian sex as one of the lesbians. There are also already gay vr sites and even a transsexual vr site.


In Badoink’s ‘My First Lesbian Crush’ the action takes place from the POV of one of the lesbians.

Meanwhile, an informations officer at Naughty America has publicly agreed with my recent prediction that vr porn will soon be a billion dollar industry. Naughty America also make the claim that the Sony Playstation VR is doomed if it doesn’t allow vr porn in its app store, just as it’s decision not to allow porn on the Betamax enabled VHS to win the video tape wars.

VR Bangers is the first Adult VR site to film in 4K and 360 is the latest virtual reality porn site, and the first to shoot in 4K.  In addition, it is the first site to film all of their movies in 360 degrees.  The site looks high quality in every way, and features models that are all young and beautiful, with movies that make full use of the 360 degree head tracking view.  The site also sends out a free pair of cardboard vr goggles to every new subscriber.


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