Does Belief in Porn Addiction Make Things Worse?

The concept of porn addiction, and the acceptance that it is a problem that is getting worse with the rise of internet porn, is firmly embedded in mainstream culture. The idea really took hold with the pop sci meme of ‘Your Brain on Porn‘ published a few years back and utilizing the common sense but scientifically dubious idea that the human brain has not evolved to handle the instant sexual gratification of tube porn on tap. The gratification on demand that free tube sites such as Pornhub bring has been likened to the cheap thrill enjoyed by an addict, with scientific evidence supposedly indicating that the same reward centers in the brain are activated by watching porn as when a junkie shoots some heroin. These psuedo-scientific arguments have been used to justify repressive anti-porn legislation including recently in the United Kingdom. Things are only likely to get worse with the advent of virtual reality porn.
However, other more sober commentators have doubted the concept of porn addiction or at the least the way it is bandied about too easily and aimed at anybody who regularly looks at erotic material online. One prominent critic of the porn addiction industry has recently published further research that indicates the labelling of ‘porn addiction’ can do more harm than anything that the actual watching of porn can do.

The concept of porn addiction has a self-sustaining momentum, with online self-help groups, websites, TED talks, nonprofit groups, discussion boards and television shows, all promoting the idea that pornography triggers reward processes in the brain, and thus has the potential to become an addictive, destructive behavior. But, in recent years, chips have begun to appear in the facade of this monolithic morally-based concept.

In January 2015, Joshua Grubbs of Case Western, published powerful research showing that seeing oneself as a porn addict was predicted not by how much porn one views, but by the degree of religiosity and moral attitudes towards sex. Now, Grubbs has published explosive follow-up research, demonstrating that believing oneself is addicted to porn actually causes pain and psychological problems, in contrast to the idea that identifying as a porn addict is a part of a road to recovery.

You can read the whole article at AVoiceforMen

Reality Lovers VR Site Lets You Choose POV or Voyeur View

Since the first VR porn sites opened a couple of years ago it’s been seen as fairly axiomatic that viewers will want to have the POV (point of view of the actor) perspective.  This, after all, is what virtual reality is about – making you believe you are at the center of the action, and in virtual reality porn, that means the male actor having sex.

But the truth is that although adult VR is great and has unlimited potential, presently the stage door effect is simply too great for it to represent a convincing illusion of actual virtual sex, not to mention that the teledildonic aspect is still rudimentary and used by a small minority of VR porn fans.  Perhaps the greatest single problem is that with current 3D technology the POV filming inevitably results in something of a distorted fish eye effect.  Some sites have started experimenting with a traditional cameraman perspective, which in the context of VR is being termed the ‘voyeur’ view to distinguish it from the more common POV.  But Reality Lovers is the only site I know of that offers its movies in both POV and voyeur perspective. Describing this perspective – the perspective largely employed since the first porn movie in the 19th century – as ‘voyeur’ is a good marketing move, as even this traditional perspective does feel voyeuristic in virtual reality with the feeling of presence and furtively watching and fapping, rather than the pretence of actually having sex.

Reality Lovers is certainly one of the top VR porn sites now so I would suggest anyone with a headset checks them out if they haven’t already.  Around 100 movies already with 2 new added weekly.


Best VR Porn Movies July 2017

In these hot summer days when all the girls are strutting about in skimpy clothes and showing their flesh on both the street and the beach, it’s a form of relief to be able to come back to your apartment and put on your headset to beat your meat. Julay was another great month for VR movies and here’s my pick of the best of them.

18VR – Teen Loves Anal

The best new site opening last month was 18VR, another virtual reality porn site dedicated to barely legal teenage girls. And the good news is it’s from the same production stable as BadoinkVR, one of the very best and longest established VR sites. This is a good example of the unique teen content they are releasing already – a young Russian really loving getting her ass filled by you in superbly photographed virtual reality.

VirtualRealPorn – French Kiss

A very exciting porn newcomer is French girl Luna Rival, a genuine teen with a really fresh, innocent, but naughty look. And this movie really plays up to her French ooh-la-la teen girl innocence. One of the best teen VR movies I’ve experienced.

VR3000 – The Amazing Homecoming (Spiderman Parody)

Any Gina Gerson movie makes my VR best list and this is a particularly stand out effort, taking the form of a VR porn parody of the Spiderman franchise. Basically, Spiderman pounding the hell out of Gina Gerson – who is still looking young, nubile, and adorable!

VirtualRealPorn – Save the Girls

Two young environmentalist activists come knocking on your door to persuade you to sign their petition. You don’t care about green issues, but you can recognize an opportunity to bang two cute teenies when you see one.

WankzVR – Just the Tip

This time you’re the one knocking on the door with two fit young teenies answering it. You were delivering pizza but you’re delighted to discover that they are hungry for sex too!

Sex Toy Review : Padgene 3D Realistic Silicone Love Doll Masturbator

Interesting review (not by me) of one of the many ‘realistic torso’ sex toys available now, many – like this one – for under $100 on Amazon. Aside from being good value for money in themselves, they’re a sensible purchase if you’re giving serious consideration to buying a realistic sex doll, the silicone life-size versions of which cost in the thousands of dollars.  Although the review looks sound (I have not used this particular toy myself) one thing that should be pointed out is the size may be misleading (not intentionally so).  The largest version of the toy – for $89 – is 14″ which is still small, and perhaps smaller than it might appear in the video.  You can get the product link when you visit the YouTube video page (it’s in the description there).

You can subscribe to the reviewer’s YouTube channel here

Best 4K Porn Sites July 2017

Whilst virtual reality porn continues to splutter along in terms of market growth, 4K ultra-hd porn, which was launched in January 2014 (by Naughty America 4K) to much less fanfare, continues a steadier if less spectacular path to widespread adoption. This has surprised many, as it was thought that due to the majority of adult content now consumed on mobile devices where ultra-hd resolutions count for little, that the 4K tv market would represent too small an opportunity. Actually, that’s not proven to be the case at all, as can be seen in the Google Trends graph below :

We’re already reaching the point where 4K is becoming standard for some of the leading sites, just as HD eventually did. But there’s still only a handful of sites that are producing and releasing true quality ultra-hd 4K porn movies on a regular basis. Here are the top five 4K porn sites that you should consider joining if you are lucky enough to have a 4K screen to enjoy them on.

1 # Naughty America 4K – the first and still the best. No other site is releasing 4K porn movies every day as they are. As the first ultra-hd site, they have a truly massive library of 4K movies now.

2 # 4K Desire – watching beautiful fresh faced teens having sex with each other is probably the best reason to buy both a 4K tv and join a 4K porn site, and 4K Desire has the prettiest East European teens in gorgeously photographed gf/bf type love making scenes.

3 # Tiny4K – Another 4K site that focuses on teens, but this is a more hardcore site tha features petite American 18 year olds getting pounded by some of the biggest dicks in the industry.

4 # Exotic4K – from the same makers as Tiny4K, this site focuses on ethnic teen girls, featuring Latinas, Arabic girls, and some ebony actresses too. Some very beautiful girls with perfect exotic skin tones that look amazing in ultra-hd.

5 # Beauty4K – many a man would spend thousands of dollars on a 72 inch 4K tv just to be able to watch sweet 18 year old Russian girls having sex with older guys. Well with this site, you no longer have an excuse not to buy that 4K tv!

It’s worth noting that three of the sites above also were among the first to launch virtual reality sites too.

Anti Sexbot Campaigners Target True Companion ‘Roxxxy’ As Encouraging Rape

Radical feminist anti-sexbot campaigners took their battle to a new level, and arguably a new low, when they denounced the famous ‘Roxxxy’ True Companion sex robot as representing an encouragment to rapists. Roxxxy, the first sexbot revealed by company True Companion several years ago, was publicized to much fanfare at the time as the world’s first sexbot, with countless orders from lonely eager men within days of release. However, certain doubt remains as to the commercial success or even the reality of Roxxxy, whose crude appearance and rudimentary ‘artificial intelligence’ was widely ridiculed at the time. That hasn’t stopped the latest anti-sexbot campaiging group to crawl out of the rocks – The Foundation for Responsible Robots – to slam the True Companion robots as ‘encouraging rapists’.

Roxxxy famously came with a number of pre-programmed ‘personalities’. Along with a ‘barely legal’ 18 year old persona, you could also choose a ‘frigid’ sexbot. This latter personality encourages rapists according to Professor Noel Sharkey, the man behind the new lobby group.

However, it seems not all feminists are so anti-sexbot – perhaps because they can see that banning such things might also lead to a prohibition on girl’s best friends such as smart dildos and vibrators programmed with A.I. According to a feminist op-ed in the UK free daily paper ‘The Metro’, rape is the result of an inability on the part of men to understand what consent means, not about the desire to rape a frigid sexbot.

But the option for men who have a dark sexual fantasy, a fantasy which is just as common in women as it is in men, to act out something that they know is taboo? That’s probably the least worrying, to me.
If a man is able to recognise that a fantasy is different from reality, and a sex robot is different from a woman, then what he chooses to do in his bedroom is entirely his business.
And if he isn’t able to tell the difference between those two things? Then he’s a danger to the world around him, whether he owns as sex doll or not.

Read more:

UK government targets ‘chemsex’ drugs

The UK seems determined that nobody should ever have fun from sex ever again.  Or at least it does seem to be agitating for unnecessary rules and regulations that will present obstacles to the sextech utopia.  Not only is the brexit Britain the home of sexbot resistance, but the Conservative minority government there recently announced new legislation against ‘chemsex’ drugs.  The legislation is targetted at the supply and use of hardcore drugs that have become popular as aids to sex. The legislation also targets so called ‘legal highs’ which are substitutes for soft-drugs that technically fell just within the law due to their artificial formulations, but that now have already been blanket banned last year in badly worded legislation that also appeared to prohibit things like nootropics (smart pills) and pheromones (natural scents that supposedly attract the opposite sex).  The new legislation threatens to do the same to all ‘chemically enhanced sex’ with it’s poor phrasing and ignorance of the safe and positive ways that chemical substances may soon be able to aid and enhance sex and masturbation.

Thanks to revolutions in biotech as well as 3d printing, the creation and production of drugs that have been precisely designed to alter physical or mental processes in a specific and targeted way appears to be close to becoming a reality. Safe and effective drugs could soon reach the market that increase sexual desire, magnify orgasms, delay ejaculation or enable multiple orgasms for both men and women.  Drugs similar to the hormone oxytocin could amplify the feelings of love during sex to sublime levels.  All of these wonderful possibilities could be put at risk by another piece of badly thought out if well meaning legislation from a clueless and conservative government.

Best VR Porn Movies June 2017

There are now over 20 VR porn pay sites, with some of the bigger sites – such as VirtualRealPorn – releasing 2 or 3 new movies every week. Here are my picks of the best movies in June.

VirtualRealPorn – ‘Daddy Issues’


VirtualRealPorn decided to celebrate Father’s Day in the way most of us would love to be able to – by smashing the sweet bodies of both your teenage barely legal stepdaughter AND your wife/her mom who catches you both at it. One of the naughtiest vr porn fantasies I’ve experienced in a while it features up and coming starlet Cassie Fire as the sexy teen stepdaughter and Sofia Star as the young ‘MILF’ with very liberal attitudes who decides to join in when she catches you banging her daughter.

WankzVR – ‘Elena Koshka GFE’

If you don’t have an 18 year old stepdaughter to fuck, along with her mother/your wife, then I guess having a beautiful young Russian girlfriend is the next best thing. WankzVR is the provider of this fantasy in the shape of the gorgeous Elena Koshka, who is just about as good as it gets in terms of a Russian beauty willing to do hardcore porn. Although still young and innocent, Elena knows how to provide a convincing VR GFE (girlfriend experience) and pretty much lets you do just about everything to her over the course of 69 delicious minutes. Includes some kinky foot worship.

VR Bangers – ‘Motherly Love’

More VR porn depravity at its best – another mother/daughter threesome, but this time you’re a High School senior who gets to enjoy sex with not only your delicious teen sweetheart (Dillon Harper) but also her cougar mom! Dillion Harper might not be a teen anymore, but she still looks young, cute, and innocent. Cum on both of their faces at the end of the movie.

Radical Feminists Demand Curbs On VR Porn

And so it begins. Probably several years before VR porn even approaches mainstream, a group of radical feminist academics at a British university in Newcastle have published a paper warning of the dangers of the new erotic frontier. Predictably, the headline grabbing thesis of the paper – that vr porn will raise new issues of consent and consequently require new government regulation – went viral across mainstream media, with the clickbait focus resting mainly on the claim that 3D (VR) sex avatars could become the new form of ‘revenge porn’. However, the main thrust of the paper appears to be an expression of the author’s fears that virtual reality porn might render sex with real women inferior.

“We found that for most people the potential of a VR porn experience opened the doors to an apparently ‘perfect’ sexual experience – a scenario which in the real world no-one could live up to,” Wood says.

“For others it meant pushing the boundaries, often with highly explicit and violent imagery, and we know from current research into pornography that exposure to this content has the potential to become addictive and more extreme over time.”

The team also warned that the rise of 3D porn could damage relationships, and increase sexism and the exploitation of women. It says a greater sense of realism provided by VR may also heighten body image issues in women.

“One of our findings suggested VR pornography could be something more like cheating on a partner because of the increasing ‘reality’ of the VR experience,” Wood says.

Dr Madeline Balaam, co-author of the research, said: “As a society we are always looking for new and novel experiences but the porn industry brings with it an added risk because of its sexist stance and exploitation of women.

Those inclined can request the full text of the article here (presently, only 20 people have).

Most troublesome is the call from the authors for a variety of new laws to be passed in order to control vr porn, in particular the use of 3D avatars of real people. The authors, who despite being presented as ‘experts’ in the media are simply minor feminist academics, note that there are already laws against ‘revenge porn’, yet claim they are insufficient to deal with the potential of virtual reality. This seems to imply that they are suggesting that it should be illegal to use the image of a person in an adult vr setting without their consent even if the ‘virtual sex’ is for private use and not shared with others. This opens up a whole new plethora of thought crime laws, including the potential that most vr porn might become illegal unless each individual viewing of a vr porn video has the particular consent of any actresses involved (even if just the 3D image of the actress).

I covered some of these points recently in my article on moral panics. I have also discussed 3D avatar sex before.

I’m not sure what it is with British feminists, but the main instigator of the campaign to ban sexbots is also a feminist UK academic – Dr Kathleen Richardson.

The vr porn industry ought to prepare itself for an onslaught of such ‘research’ and calls for repressive government legislation. The industry needs to promote the positive aspects of virtual reality adult entertainment, stressing that VR sex will be beneficial and popular with women as much as men, improve the sex lives of couples, and remove the sexual frustrations of otherwise dangerous young men.

VR Bangers wants men to wear headsets while having sex

Virtual reality porn site ‘VR Bangers‘ wants men to wear VR headsets and watch their porn whilst having sex with the wife or girlfriend. Husbands, wives, and lovers, wearing headsets or glasses whilst having sex is indeed going to be a hugely popular thing in the coming years as I’ve predicted here. But it’s primary use will be through augmented reality glasses or headsets, such as the HoloLens, rather than VR headsets. Augmented reality will allow husbands to see their wives with bigger breasts, or as they were when they were 18 (or even as they will be as grannys). They will be able to see their wives or girlfriends as pornstars, or even as the girl next door. Putting on a VR headset and watching 360 3D video porn whilst making love does this in a very crude form, but having not tried it myself, it does sound like fun.

VR Bangers has made a VR video with the specific intent to be viewed whilst having a sex to create the impression of cheating on your wife…whilst having sex with your wife. Although it’s crude 360 3D video ‘VR’ it does give an indication both of the future potential of adult Augmented Reality, as well as the bizarre role play possibilities these techs will create.

Like a number of leading VR porn sites, the CEO of VR Bangers has been exploring the possibilities of augmented reality porn for the HoloLens. He likely sees this type of use as the ultimate application of that technology, and I for one agree.