Naughty America, one of the pioneers of vr porn, successfully campaigned to be allowed to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year - the first adult entertainment company to do so for nearly two decades. The restrictions imposed upon them by the organizers, however, left them wondering if it was worth the effort. Nethertheless, the CIO of Naughty America - Ian Paul - did manage to reveal some intentions on the part of the porn site to further lead the way with regard to other developing technologies. Most interestingly, he stated that the company would be experimenting with augmented reality this year. However, according to him the necessary 3D scanning technology required to produce porn for the HoloLens is still too limited for him to see it happening anytime soon, so it's not clear what devices Naughty America will be intending their AR Porn to be experienced on.

The CIO also revealed that Naughty America has partnered with the company behind haptic sex toy Kiiroo. Since 2015, Kiiroo has partnered with the first virtual reality porn site VirtualRealPorn and many of that site's videos can be synchronised with the toy.

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Despite even the most cutting edge VR porn companies still being made to feel unwelcome at the CES, a rather more liberal view is predictably taken when it comes to companies building technology that enables women, rather than men, to get their rocks off - namely, the female sex toy industry :

Sex tech company OhMiBod annouced plans at yesterday's Las Vegas technology expo CES 2017 to launch a software development kit for its latest Bluetooth-enabled range of sex toys to work with dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr.

Here's how it would work: You're flirting with a potential Tinder beau/belle, to-and-fro-ing the usual chat - and then you receive a request from them to 'connect' - thanks to a pink dot on your profile that shows you're linked up to your OMB device.

You would then have to accept their invitation before things are taken any further, 'reshaping the entire idea of visual or digital foreplay', according to co-founder Suzi Dunham.

Suzi's husband and co-founder Brian Dunham told Mashable: 'Young adults are growing up with these platforms like Snapchat, and their first intimate experience is a virtual experience.

'That's a significant shift in how the world views intimate contact, whether it's virtual or physical,' he said.

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The tech expo’s rules forbid “the showing of film, photos, games or other software in the exhibit area which are deemed objectionable, including explicit or simulated sex, nudity or violence.” They also require “companies showcasing sensitive material in the context of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality” to check ID before displaying their content.

This attitude toward the adult industry combined with the CES/AVN split means sex-tech is barely represented at CES; most exhibitors wait to show off their products at AVN the following week.

But that’s not the case for OhMiBod. Suki Dunham says the company has never had a problem exhibiting at CES because of its female-friendly, sex-positive brand.

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Voice assistants are very quickly becoming more intelligent and ever more useful, from Siri to the Amazon Echo. So advanced and human like, in fact, that according to recent reports lonely men are starting  to form emotional and even sexual attachments to the (invariably) female ethereal voices. And now, thanks to a Japanese company, this trend is likely to accelerate quickly, as a personal home assistant is set to be launched that comes in an alluring female form, complete with knee socks, a cute anime face, and a very obedient demeanor.  Azuma Hikari is the first holographic home assistant...and she's a sexy Japanese girl!

The girl is based on a popular anime character and the company behind her - Gatebox - aren't hiding the fact at all that she is aimed at pleasing single lonely men (of which there are millions in Japan).

She is a comforting character that is
great to those living alone.
She will always do all she can just for the owner.

They promise that Azuma will recognize the owner when he comes home from work. According to the company's FAQ page, they intend to introduce more characters in the future. Unfortunately, although the gadget can be ordered from abroad, or at least from the USA, Azuma can currently only speak and recognize Japanese. Nethertheless, this early combination of A.I. and holographics is certainly interesting and another indication that Japan will lead the way in advancing future sex technology, assisted by the big advantage that there is neither political correctness nor shame in openly targeting virtual sex aids towards millions of lonely businessmen. Even if those aids come in the form of 'obedient' holographic girls wearing kneesocks.

The world of erotic holographics received another boost on the same day as Azuma was shown to the world. Adult webcam company Camsoda, which already pioneers live virtual reality cam shows, announced that the world's first live holo girls are coming soon. These live cam shows, filmed through 3D scanning, can be experienced through popular 3D pyramids that turn any smartphone into a holographic projector and that can be cheaply bought online from any number of sources including e-bay and Amazon, or at specialist online stores such as this one : The Japanese holographic home assistant girl presumably works via similar basic technology.

The company - Camsoda - has produced a promotional YouTube video that claims to give an indication of what these 'Holo-Cam' shows will look like.

Camsoda promises weekly shows with the possibility of extra private shows too. They also promise to showcase their technology at a forthcoming adult industry convention taking place next month, apparently hoping to present a 4 ft version of the desktop sized pyramids.

Although this may seem like (and might actually be) a publicity gimmick on the part of Camsoda, if their 'hologram shows' really are being filmed by 3D scanning then it could be planned on their part as a prelude to live cam shows on mixed reality devices such as the HoloLens. Such a 'live holo girl' industry will likely be worth billions of dollars within years, and will likely be far more popular and convenient than cam shows in virtual reality, transposing as they do the performing girls into the viewers own home, as well as enabling him to remain in the real world.

It was reported recently that a grieving pensioner in Japan received a sex doll that was a near life-like replica of his deceased wife (but as her younger self), apparently as an act of kindness by the doll company. Although realistic sex dolls are not yet 3D printed (to my knowledge), and nor are sex doll manufacturers utilizing 3D scanning technology, it's easy to see how in the not too distant future 3D scanning and printing will enable some remarkable possibilities in the sex doll world.

3D scanning technologies are becoming cheaper and more popular, a trend that is being pushed by both 3D printing and, even more so now, the nascent virtual and augmented reality markets. Last month a company in Estonia opened a '3D photo pod' that allows customers to step inside and have themselves scanned in order to create a 3D photo realistic avatar for use in virtual worlds. A few days ago it was reported that 3D facial images can now be generated from a single 2D photo.

3D scanning technology has already been used to create '3D printed selfies', but for the time being, the limitations of 3D printing technology mean that only small life-like figurines are really possible. We're still someway from printing out realistic sex dolls using such technology, but a German company has quickly seized the opportunity to produce and sell erotic mini-figurines of pornstars which can be bought online.

3D printed erotic art figurines
3D printed erotic art figurines

Virtual and augmented (or 'mixed') reality will also be quick to take advantage of the erotic possibilities of 3D scanning. Real time 3D scanning will be essential for true live virtual reality sex to become a thing (seeing your partner or vr cam girl wearing a clunky headset as you make love to him or her might diminish the erotic experience). As what you are seeing in VR is an avatar (even if photo-realistic), then lesser or greater degrees of enhancement might be used by virtual sex lovers, such as slightly younger skin or larger sexual organs. Alternatively, people may adopt the scanned avatars of others, such as pornstars (something already suggested by adult company SugarDVD). Lovers could even 'switch bodies' in virtual reality by adopting each other's avatars.

Whilst the adult entertainment potential of 3D scanning is likely to be exploited first by virtual reality porn companies, true virtual sex will nonetheless make use of sex dolls. Teledildonics is already a part of virtual reality, and the leading vr porn site - VirtualRealPorn - has partnered with a sex toy company that produces 'haptic sex toys' that can be operated remotely and in synch with action taking place in virtual reality, be it a pre-recorded video scene or a live VR webcam performer. However, haptic masturbators and dildos are still incomplete versions of true remote sex, which would require a life-size haptic sex doll.

To go back to the Japanese man with the sex doll replica of his deceased wife. Imagine if he had had the sex doll made whilst she was still alive. Now imagine the sex doll combined with sophisticated haptic technology + real time 3D scanning to enable the man to have remote sex with his wife using the sex doll replica of her (the sex doll would mimic the movements of the wife in realtime through 3D scanning - and, of course, for true virtual sex, the wife would be experiencing the same thing through a sex doll replica of her husband).

Before sexbots ever become widely used, this scenario is much more likely - remote sex using lifelike haptic sex dolls. The distinction between haptic sex dolls and sex robots, however, might not always be clear. Let's return to our grieving Japanese friend one last time. Imagine if his virtual remote sex sessions with his living wife using a lifelike haptic sex doll were recorded. Not only would he have a sex doll replica to play with in order to remind him of his deceased wife, he would be able to experience actual sex with her again, or at least 'relive' previous remote sex sessions, or indeed normal real sex with her that might have also been recorded through 3D scanning. If this sounds fanciful, you might not have heard the news that an adult webcam company recently announced the first haptic databank of 'downloadable blowjobs'.

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Many predict that virtual reality will have as big an impact upon sex and porn as the Internet itself.  There are early signs that this may actually turn out to be an understatement.  One such sign is the way in which paraphilias that are not even really possible to pursue in the real world are already mushrooming in virtual reality. An example highlighted recently in the media goes by the name of macrophilia - the sexual desire towards giants.

Virtual reality is not just going to transform gaming and education – people with a specific sexual paraphilia whereby they derive sexual arousal from fantasies about giants have realised that the technology could be the best way to bring their fantasies to life.

People who fantasise about having sex with individuals that are far taller than themselves are known as "Macrophiles", and according to Psychology Today, the fetish is becoming increasingly popular. Most macrophiles tend to be heterosexual males who are sexually attracted to female giantesses, but they can also derive sexual stimulation from even non-sexual scenarios.

It's pretty difficult to indulge in a sexual fetish when the object of your fantasy doesn't exist, so for years macrophiles have had to rely on comics, Japanese anime cartoons called "Hentai", and more recently, soft porn actresses who have realised a niche in the market that needs filling....

.."So I recently got hold of a Samsung Gear VR headset and have since combed the internet for giantess movies, and have found myself completely immersed," user handluva wrote on Macrophilia forum Giantess City.

"You lay down and look up and see a giantess towering over you, pretty much how it would look if it was real. This is better than any 2D point-of-view video you can watch on a flat screen. You can sit up and look around the room and watch her walking around you and bending down to pick you up, then feel dizzy as you're flung around in her hands, and to some extent even get a feeling of height when you're lifted up.

Another and more obvious use of virtual reality to enable fetishes is role play (or vroleplay). For example, vr porn sites are already regularly releasing videos shot from one of the participants POV (point of view) and which allow you to therefore experience to an extent the feeling of having sex in the body of somebody who may be a different race or gender. It's open to discussion whether an interracial vr porn movie, experienced by a white male from the POV of a black actor, is simply enhancing an existing adult niche (interracial) or is an entirely new paraphilia ('interracial vroleplay?'). Perhaps more complicated questions are involved when it comes to gender swapping in vr porn. Are men who enjoy experiencing virtual sex in the bodies of women to be called transsexuals, transgenders, or something else? There is already controversy in the distinction between the former two, but how should we define somebody who is comfortable being defined by his birth gender in the real world, but in virtual reality gains sexual pleasure from gender swapping?

And when it comes to vroleplay, what's to stop people from experiencing sex from the point of view not of a different race of gender, but a different species (not necessarily with a human - would bestiality porn laws cover vr sex between two people in the virtual bodies of dogs?).

VR porn will not only enhance existing fetishes, enable fetishes previously confined to fantasy or comic books, it will also create entirely new ones that we can't even imagine at this point.

It's that time of year when girls everywhere dress up as sexy witches and vampires. And the strangely erotic mix of beautiful, ugly and the scary has been celebrated today at a number of VR porn sites.

WankzVR released one of their best movies yet for Halloween - 'Zombie Slayers'. Featuring no less than three young lovelies, it's your mission to have wild sex with these girls as mankind has been decimated by a zombie virus and your semen somehow contains the genetic code of the antidote!


VirtualRealPorn have typically chosen to push the boundaries of VR porn for their Halloween special. Ever wondered what it would be like to find the beautiful girl that you are having sex with suddenly turn into a zombie? Would your erection remain hard when inside the pussy of one of the undead? Well now you can find out in VR. However, be warned - the make-up in this video is VERY realistic and rather gruesome to say the least.


TeenMegaWorldVR on the other hand have chose something a bit more softer, coming in the shape of a delightful blonde teen in a sexy plaid skirt. She will masturbate for you in VR on this day as she is the 'Halloween Whore'. Her virginal white shirt is splashed with a bit of fake blood, but there's nothing very scary here.


CzechVR celebrate not only Halloween but also their 100th VR video with this week's sexy Czech girl dressed up in a witches outfit, before taking it off to let you 'have sex' with her via the 180 degree male POV.


The Sony Playstation VR has only been on the market for a week and already at least two VR porn sites are advertising that their videos have been specially formatted to play on it.There had been fears that Sony would attempt to block the playing of porn on their VR console, but the recent announcement that their media player would be updated to allow the viewing of 360 videos put those fears to rest and the VR porn sites have been quick to capitalize. Virtual Real Porn were the first VR porn site online, offering VR videos when the Oculus Rift was still an early developer's kit. Now they are offering all of their hundreds of videos in formatted versions for the Playstation VR, with free preview videos in the Playstation format available for each video.


The biggest free porn tube site - - has also started offering its selection of VR videos in a format for the Playstation VR.

Pornhub has revealed to GamesBeat that its VR category is compatible with the PSVR head-mounted display. The process to get down in first-person, however, is complicated and missing some features compared to competing headsets, according to the adult-film website. Analysts predict that VR could generate as much as $40 billion in revenues by 2020, and the XXX industry could grab a significant chunk of that just like it did in the early days of the internet.

However, PornHub president Corey Price has criticized Sony for making it's web and media players so cumbersome to use.

In an interview with VentureBeat, however, Pornhub president Corey Price criticised the PSVR's ease of use, calling it "quite lacking in comparison to Rift's and Vive's media playback support."

"Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard are the current leaders in ease-of-use and functionality support," he explained, "where everything can be triggered from the web browser on a mobile device."

Currently, curious PSVR users need to sign up for a Pornhub account to download VR videos; they'll then need to put those files onto a USB drive, open them with the PS4 Media Player, turn on their headset, and activate VR mode in the app menu.

In addition, PSVR only supports monoscopic equirectangular 360-degree videos, and none of the other formats available online at sites like YouTube.

Price said his company has "encouraged Sony to adopt the WebVR standard into their browser in order to make streaming in VR as seamless as possible."

Recently, the CEO of VR site 'Naughty America' claimed that if Sony attempted to block VR porn on the console it would mean that the Playstation VR would lose out to the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality headsets in the same way that the Sony Betamax lost the video tape war to VHS due to the latter's more porn friendly approach.

Given the sheer size of the projected scale of the VR headset industry in just 5 or 10 years time, it's unsurprising that the adult VR sites are confident enough to give advice to a multi-billion dollar company such as Sony as to whether they should allow VR porn on their devices, if as expected, porn drives the new industry forward just as it did with video tapes and even (supposedly) the Internet.

Watching VR videos on the Playstation VR is indeed no simple task, but for a guide on how to download and experince VR porn on the console visit here.

Nice little history of teledildonics at site of the leading maker of such interactive sex toys - Kiiroo.

Speaking of handheld Teledildonic devices, a variety of Teledildonic adult toys are cropping up. Each one promises something a little bit different from the last.

In 2009, RealTouch was launched. The platform and devices are marketed towards men to use with webcam performers. It’s a very cool concept: the JoyStick device is controlled by the webcam performer, and sends touch data to the RealTouch masturbator device. The RealTouch masturbator can also receive data from videos made to be compatible with the device, so you don’t necessarily need to pay a webcam performer each time you want to use it. Inside the RealTouch masturbator, there are belts that move, heating elements, and a lubricant reservoir. While RealTouch is great for men looking to experience something more from their entertainment, it’s not particularly conducive to use in long distance relationships.

In 2011, Lovense introduced iMan and iLady, the first generation of their interactive male and female adult sex toys. Unlike RealTouch, iMan could actually control the iLady device. This was a great step towards female pleasure. Later, in 2013, they came out with Max and Nora, a male masturbator and a female “rabbit style” stimulator. Max and Nora work together over Bluetooth and phone apps. While the rabbit style is a very popular choice for standard vibrators, the variation among women’s anatomy means that the placement of a clitoral stimulator is not necessarily going to work for every body.

LovePalz, launched in 2012, are similar to Lovense in that they’re marketed and designed for couples. Their male masturbator is called Zeus while their female stimulator is called Hera. Zeus and Hera also feature two-way control. The faster one moves inside of Zeus, the faster Hera will move and thrust. The more one contracts and moves on Hera, the more movement and tighter grip Zeus will feel. However, because the majority of women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation, Hera not being able to vibrate can be considered a major drawback.

Here at KIIROO, we’re working on the most advanced system yet. Our current project focuses on a high-tech male masturbator called Onyx. Onyx has ten rings inside which are capable of sending and receiving tactile sensory data, and responding to data received by contracting and expanding. In other words, Onyx does the work for you and feels more realistic than any other male masturbator on the market. Our corresponding device, Pearl, is one of the most advanced female vibrators ever made. It has a powerful, rumbly motor and five capacitive touch rings, each one corresponding with two of Onyx’s. The Pearl is currently capable of sending data and receiving data from Onyx and other Pearls.

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BadoinkVR is one of the best and most innovative of the VR porn pay sites and an excellent interview appeared online today with Todd Gliderr - the CEO of it's parent company Badoink.

Daydream District: “For the content creation process, what are the major difficulties as compared to standard porn? Do the actors have a preference for one over the other?”

Todd Glider: “There are fundamental differences. It’s very DIY. The camera technology is very different, and you’re basically using camera tech that was not specifically made for creating stereoscopic 3D content. In a perfect world, a VR porn shoot is accomplished in one take with no cuts. That’s very different from a normal 2D shoot, which has many, many cuts by design. As a result, it’s often prudent to rehearse the scene with the performers before the cameras roll. Once the cameras are rolling, if the shoot is from the male POV—which most are—the blocking is starkly different. The male is asked to remain as still as possible. The consumers don’t want to see his hands, don’t want to hear him speak or breathe. He must resist the urge to reach up and touch his scene partner. The female talent—again assuming a male POV—must concentrate on staring into the camera lenses, not the eyes of her scene partner. She can move forward, closer to the camera, but not too close. She can move backwards, away from the camera, but not too far back. Same with moving to the left and right. It’s all strictly choreographed. Some performers prefer VR because their fans love it; it’s the closest they’re ever going to get to fucking their favorite porn star. Others find it more challenging, too awkward and demanding. But, at the end of the day, the reason a VR production is double the cost of a non-VR production, is the post-production process, which is much more time-consuming than post for a non-VR porn video.”

Read the full interview :

The world's largest adult cam site - ImLive - has teamed up with teledildonics sex toy manufacturer Kiiroo to offer the world's first live amateur haptic sex cams. Live teledildonics has been tried by several companies in the past and present, including the ill fated 'RealTouch', but such sites have involved porn actresses rather than the amateur or semi-professional cam girls that make up the majority of performers at ImLive. As such, this could be a major step in the bringing haptic sex into the adult mainstream. Kiiroo markets its interactive sex toys at couples. According to ImLive, the 'Vibrator Cam Shows' will allow female performers to be pleasured remotely by viewers controlling the Kiiroo vibrator which she is masturbating with.

According to the company, guests can now look forward to a two-way sex toy experience via ImLive, using Kiiroo’s Pearl, a female masturbator equipped to send and receive data. The device is now fully integrated into ImLive by way of the all-new “Vibe Show,” which Imlive’s VP of Business Development, Shay Efron, calls “an exciting, interactive experience that goes far beyond sound-operated vibrator shows.”

Vibe Shows allow guests to power a host’s personal toy by purchasing “Vibes” with ImLive Credit, which are transferred to the host in the form of an intense, rumbling motorized sensation, so guests can then enjoy instant satisfaction alongside their webcam host.

The host will also receive additional credits towards her Tip Goal, while the guest gets an opportunity to receive a 50 percent discount code for their next session with that host if she reaches her Tip Goal.

The Vibe Show can be accessed via PC or mobile devices, where it includes a fun bonus — the phone itself will vibrate whenever the guest sends a Vibe.

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An adult webcam site - MegaCams - is offering visitors the use of facial recognition software to find a camgirl out of it's huge database of performers who looks like a crush of theirs.

You can upload a picture of someone you want to see nude. Megacams will scan your image and match it with all our live sex models in our database. This way it feels like you are having live sex with the person in your picture. At Megacams we do everything so you can enjoy live sex with the models of your dreams. Please enter a valid email address as the results of your facial porn match will be emailed to you (this mostly takes a few minutes, depending on the number of face recognition requests we get).

Facial recognition has been notoriously used to dox the identity of pornstars, both amateur and pro. This is likely the first time, however, that the adult industry has made use of the technology for profit. The potential of facial technology is huge, from 2D porn to augmented reality porn, as well as 3D printed sex dolls and toys. The danger is that leglislators may not distinguish too carefully between the legitimate use of it in porn and illegal 'revenge porn'. For example, there will soon be applications or sites offering to turn a photo of your lusted after neighbour or co-worker into a naked 3D girl in virtual reality that you can even have sex with. Would this be revenge porn without the consent of the imaged person? Even if viewable only to the person who uploads the image? This will be just one example of a plethora of moral and legal questions that will soon be raised by the rapid explosion in future sex tech currently taking place.