The world's first (and still the best) virtual reality porn site - VirtualRealPorn - will launch their first live VR cam shows this Thursday March 16th. Their shows will feature some of the most famous pornstars getting up close and very personal with you in live cam sessions that can be viewed through either the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. The first cam show tomorrow (Thursday) features Amarna Miller and begins at 12:30 PM PDT. Visit their new site VirtualRealCams to book your place!

The pioneering haptic sex toy company Kiiroo today released to market the 'Fleshlight Launch'. Essentially the product turns your Fleshlight - the best selling male sex toy in the world - into a haptic masturbator that can be synched to adult videos (both 2D and 3D VR) or even live action webcams.

The toy is compatible with any Fleshlight, which is inserted into the 'case' of the product, enabling either simply hands free stroking, which can be set to manual (up to 180 strokes per minute!), or interactive as described above.

The new haptic product costs $199 and does not come with a Fleshlight, although a variety of Fleshlights can be purchased at the same time at the Kiiroo online store.

Haptic sex toys connected to live webcam shows are becoming increasingly popular with a number of big webcam sites, including ImLive, offering owners of Kiiroo masturbators the chance to 'feel' the webcam performer. You can see a list of such sites at

Which Future Sex Tech Are You Most Excited About?

This poll is open till 31-06-2017 - remaining only 3 months

  • VR Porn - 1
  • Sex Bots - 2
  • Holographic/AR Porn - 2
  • Female Beautification (Reversal of aging, stem cell cosmetics etc.) - 1

There are many ways in which technology is going to revolutionize the way we have sex, or the way we obtain sexual satisfaction over the next decade. Some of these sexually disruptive technologies I've listed above - please choose the tech you feel the most excited about. The only one that likely needs any explanation I've called 'female beautification'. Over the next few years, the 'beauty industry' is going to be disrupted by future tech as much as any. From Crispr gene editing allowing possible reversal of aging, to stem cell breast implants and anti-obesity pills - the fact is, women are likely going to become hotter and hotter. This trend, driven primarily by sex tech revolutionizing the beauty and cosmetics industry, will be further pushed by the other techs, such as VR porn and sexbots, directly competing for men's attentions...

Long gone are the days when the only quality male sex toy available for American and European men was the Fleshlight. Not only are Japanese sex toys much easier to be bought online or even in your local sex shop, but the slow but steady erosion of the taboo on male masturbation is leading to an explosion in the variety and sophistication of male masturbators from Western sex toy manufacturers. Here are five of the most innovative and advanced sex toys for men in 2017.

Hot Octopus Pulse 3

A powerful vibrating male massager that can be used for solo masturbation (even hands free) or worn as a sex toy for couples. This third iteration of the popular male sex toy is 25% more powerful than its predecessor.






REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator

Slide this masturbator up and down your penis shaft while feeling the incredible ribbed inner sleeve rotate around it at 7 different speeds AND patterns of your choosing.







Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

The most advanced luxury prostate vibrator that comes with a smart remote control which responds to the motion of your hand for control of the toy.






HEPS Oral Sex Simulator Male Masturbator

The most realistic blowjob imitator, this masturbator comes complete with not only delicious lips, but tongue and even teeth! Don't worry, it doesn't bite, and it's intelligent design creates an incredibly realistic sensation of being sucked off.






ElectraStim Jack Socket

Sex toys that stimulate via electric pulses rather than vibration are becoming increasingly popular, and the ElectraStim Jack Socket is probably the best one for men to try. The idea is the vibrators simply stimulate the skin, but electric toys penetrate to the nerve endings below for a more intense sensation.

MGTOWs are a growing segment of the controversial online 'manosphere' who believe that modern men are getting a raw deal when it comes to marriage and even any traditional sex relations with women. Their name is an acronym of 'Men Go Their Own Way' - the idea that in fact men would be better off rejecting the entire notion of women being necessary to their emotional and sexual happiness. It's not surprising therefore that MGTOWs embrace the technological advancements leading to sexbots. The largest US sex doll manufacturer 'RealDoll' recently announced plans to produce their first robot sex dolls, but it seems they are already behind the Japanese as the above MGTOW video shows.

Virtual reality porn has come along way already since the first site - VirtualRealPorn - started a couple of years ago (before there was any commercial headset available). In the months before the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive went on sale early last year, a few other big sites decided to place their bets on VR, names such as Naughty America and Badoink. Since then, there has been an explosion of new VR sites, with even niche sites appearing such as StockingsVR. There are now at least 20 VR pay sites, with a number of other established adult sites experimenting and releasing a handful of VR videos. Arguably, the market is oversaturated at this point in time. Sales of VR headsets, particularly the Oculus Rift, have been somewhat lower than anticipated. Having said that, the percentage of people owning a VR headset who have took out a paid subscription at a VR adult site is estimated to be remarkably high. It appears that the old story of porn driving tech forward is proving true again.

Here are my pick of the top five VR porn sites around at the moment. All of these sites are firmly established and unlikely to close up shop anytime soon, so they are, as far as I know, safe to join and good value to take up a long term membership of. These are not just my personal biased picks however - the list below is also the result of my extensive reading of forums and review sites. Of course, if any readers disagree, then feel free to leave a comment below.

1 # VirtualRealPorn - the first VR porn site, still dedicated to producing only virtual reality porn in which it continues to lead the way. They have the biggest archive of movies by some way, and consequently also are the most experienced in the particular demands of filming VR porn. Feature a wide selection of porn actresses and niches, with Misha Cross and Gina Gerson being particular favourites.

2 # BadoinkVR - Another innovative site that sees VR as the way forward for adult entertainment. Features very hardcore scenes, often involving anal sex with fresh faced Spanish teenies, but always filmed in a beautiful professional manner with lush backdrops to complete the VR experience. Often experiments with 'vroleplay' in which you can swap race or even gender, and has tried out new formats such as 'VR erotic fiction' aimed at women. Recently launched a second site dedicated to Cosplay.

3 # Teen Mega World VR - The best VR site available for lovers of legal teen girls. Only just legal mind. These East European cuties are the type that require ID when out clubbing, but boy can they suck and fuck, even if you get the feeling they are only doing it to pay for college.

4 # VR Bangers - Another good site with regular updates, fresh unique content (and girls) and often shooting in 360 4K 3D for the completely immersive virtual reality experience.

5 # WankzVR - A very safe bet, with two new movies each week featuring hardcore beautifully shot action featuring some of the biggest names in the adult world.

In general, what to look for when joining a VR site is the number of updates, shooting in 4K, 60fps, movies that last at least 15 minutes, the ability to stream content (VR movie files are big!!), and of course, beautiful girls getting fucked hard.

Popular sex dating app Tinder has plans to incorporate both augmented reality AND artificial intelligence into its matchmaking service. According to chairman Sean Rad, A.I. could be used to turn the app into a combination of Cupid + Siri - alerting members to nearby prospective partners who are available, have matching personalities and interests, and who are attracted to them.

“I think this might sound crazy,” Mr Rad said on Tuesday at tech conference Start-Up Grind.
“In five years time, Tinder might be so good, you might be like “Hey [Apple voice assistant] Siri, what’s happening tonight?’
“And Tinder might pop up and say ‘There’s someone down the street you might be attracted to. She’s also attracted to you. She’s free tomorrow night. We know you both like the same band, and it’s playing – would you like us to buy you tickets?’… and you have a match.
“It’s a little scary.”…

…Mr Rad sees a time when Tinder could offer a form of real-life traffic party through augmented reality.
AR is the technology that overlays digital images onto the real world as you walk around. So far the only truly popular application of it has been Pokemon Go, which, while bringing people together, isn’t the relationship fast-track most people are presumably looking for.
But what if you could use AR to meet potential partners?

“That will definitely impact dating,” Mr Rad said, noting Tinder is popular for so many people because it allows us to show interest in a person without the fear of rejection.
“You can imagine how, with augmented reality, that experience could happen in the room, in real time. The impact is profound as these devices get closer to your senses, to your eyes, to your experiences.”
That might make you deeply uncomfortable. I don’t blame you. As ever, it will be up to technology companies – not just Tinder – to roll out such ideas in way that doesn’t encroach on privacy, or indeed, common decency and manners. The key word here is, as always, consent.
Tinder’s future lives and breathes on its ability to remain the most popular app for getting people together and into relationships. More recently, rival services like Bumble have shown signs of disrupting Tinder’s dominance. Bumble’s key selling point is the fact women have to initiate the conversations.
But there’s plenty of market to go round. Tinder now has a far more global focus, Mr Rad said, with approximately 600 million smartphone-toting single people ready to find The One.

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Naughty America, one of the pioneers of vr porn, successfully campaigned to be allowed to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year - the first adult entertainment company to do so for nearly two decades. The restrictions imposed upon them by the organizers, however, left them wondering if it was worth the effort. Nethertheless, the CIO of Naughty America - Ian Paul - did manage to reveal some intentions on the part of the porn site to further lead the way with regard to other developing technologies. Most interestingly, he stated that the company would be experimenting with augmented reality this year. However, according to him the necessary 3D scanning technology required to produce porn for the HoloLens is still too limited for him to see it happening anytime soon, so it's not clear what devices Naughty America will be intending their AR Porn to be experienced on.

The CIO also revealed that Naughty America has partnered with the company behind haptic sex toy Kiiroo. Since 2015, Kiiroo has partnered with the first virtual reality porn site VirtualRealPorn and many of that site's videos can be synchronised with the toy.

You can also read the original article at

Despite even the most cutting edge VR porn companies still being made to feel unwelcome at the CES, a rather more liberal view is predictably taken when it comes to companies building technology that enables women, rather than men, to get their rocks off - namely, the female sex toy industry :

Sex tech company OhMiBod annouced plans at yesterday's Las Vegas technology expo CES 2017 to launch a software development kit for its latest Bluetooth-enabled range of sex toys to work with dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr.

Here's how it would work: You're flirting with a potential Tinder beau/belle, to-and-fro-ing the usual chat - and then you receive a request from them to 'connect' - thanks to a pink dot on your profile that shows you're linked up to your OMB device.

You would then have to accept their invitation before things are taken any further, 'reshaping the entire idea of visual or digital foreplay', according to co-founder Suzi Dunham.

Suzi's husband and co-founder Brian Dunham told Mashable: 'Young adults are growing up with these platforms like Snapchat, and their first intimate experience is a virtual experience.

'That's a significant shift in how the world views intimate contact, whether it's virtual or physical,' he said.

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The tech expo’s rules forbid “the showing of film, photos, games or other software in the exhibit area which are deemed objectionable, including explicit or simulated sex, nudity or violence.” They also require “companies showcasing sensitive material in the context of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality” to check ID before displaying their content.

This attitude toward the adult industry combined with the CES/AVN split means sex-tech is barely represented at CES; most exhibitors wait to show off their products at AVN the following week.

But that’s not the case for OhMiBod. Suki Dunham says the company has never had a problem exhibiting at CES because of its female-friendly, sex-positive brand.

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Voice assistants are very quickly becoming more intelligent and ever more useful, from Siri to the Amazon Echo. So advanced and human like, in fact, that according to recent reports lonely men are starting  to form emotional and even sexual attachments to the (invariably) female ethereal voices. And now, thanks to a Japanese company, this trend is likely to accelerate quickly, as a personal home assistant is set to be launched that comes in an alluring female form, complete with knee socks, a cute anime face, and a very obedient demeanor.  Azuma Hikari is the first holographic home assistant...and she's a sexy Japanese girl!

The girl is based on a popular anime character and the company behind her - Gatebox - aren't hiding the fact at all that she is aimed at pleasing single lonely men (of which there are millions in Japan).

She is a comforting character that is
great to those living alone.
She will always do all she can just for the owner.

They promise that Azuma will recognize the owner when he comes home from work. According to the company's FAQ page, they intend to introduce more characters in the future. Unfortunately, although the gadget can be ordered from abroad, or at least from the USA, Azuma can currently only speak and recognize Japanese. Nethertheless, this early combination of A.I. and holographics is certainly interesting and another indication that Japan will lead the way in advancing future sex technology, assisted by the big advantage that there is neither political correctness nor shame in openly targeting virtual sex aids towards millions of lonely businessmen. Even if those aids come in the form of 'obedient' holographic girls wearing kneesocks.

The world of erotic holographics received another boost on the same day as Azuma was shown to the world. Adult webcam company Camsoda, which already pioneers live virtual reality cam shows, announced that the world's first live holo girls are coming soon. These live cam shows, filmed through 3D scanning, can be experienced through popular 3D pyramids that turn any smartphone into a holographic projector and that can be cheaply bought online from any number of sources including e-bay and Amazon, or at specialist online stores such as this one : The Japanese holographic home assistant girl presumably works via similar basic technology.

The company - Camsoda - has produced a promotional YouTube video that claims to give an indication of what these 'Holo-Cam' shows will look like.

Camsoda promises weekly shows with the possibility of extra private shows too. They also promise to showcase their technology at a forthcoming adult industry convention taking place next month, apparently hoping to present a 4 ft version of the desktop sized pyramids.

Although this may seem like (and might actually be) a publicity gimmick on the part of Camsoda, if their 'hologram shows' really are being filmed by 3D scanning then it could be planned on their part as a prelude to live cam shows on mixed reality devices such as the HoloLens. Such a 'live holo girl' industry will likely be worth billions of dollars within years, and will likely be far more popular and convenient than cam shows in virtual reality, transposing as they do the performing girls into the viewers own home, as well as enabling him to remain in the real world.

It was reported recently that a grieving pensioner in Japan received a sex doll that was a near life-like replica of his deceased wife (but as her younger self), apparently as an act of kindness by the doll company. Although realistic sex dolls are not yet 3D printed (to my knowledge), and nor are sex doll manufacturers utilizing 3D scanning technology, it's easy to see how in the not too distant future 3D scanning and printing will enable some remarkable possibilities in the sex doll world.

3D scanning technologies are becoming cheaper and more popular, a trend that is being pushed by both 3D printing and, even more so now, the nascent virtual and augmented reality markets. Last month a company in Estonia opened a '3D photo pod' that allows customers to step inside and have themselves scanned in order to create a 3D photo realistic avatar for use in virtual worlds. A few days ago it was reported that 3D facial images can now be generated from a single 2D photo.

3D scanning technology has already been used to create '3D printed selfies', but for the time being, the limitations of 3D printing technology mean that only small life-like figurines are really possible. We're still someway from printing out realistic sex dolls using such technology, but a German company has quickly seized the opportunity to produce and sell erotic mini-figurines of pornstars which can be bought online.

3D printed erotic art figurines
3D printed erotic art figurines

Virtual and augmented (or 'mixed') reality will also be quick to take advantage of the erotic possibilities of 3D scanning. Real time 3D scanning will be essential for true live virtual reality sex to become a thing (seeing your partner or vr cam girl wearing a clunky headset as you make love to him or her might diminish the erotic experience). As what you are seeing in VR is an avatar (even if photo-realistic), then lesser or greater degrees of enhancement might be used by virtual sex lovers, such as slightly younger skin or larger sexual organs. Alternatively, people may adopt the scanned avatars of others, such as pornstars (something already suggested by adult company SugarDVD). Lovers could even 'switch bodies' in virtual reality by adopting each other's avatars.

Whilst the adult entertainment potential of 3D scanning is likely to be exploited first by virtual reality porn companies, true virtual sex will nonetheless make use of sex dolls. Teledildonics is already a part of virtual reality, and the leading vr porn site - VirtualRealPorn - has partnered with a sex toy company that produces 'haptic sex toys' that can be operated remotely and in synch with action taking place in virtual reality, be it a pre-recorded video scene or a live VR webcam performer. However, haptic masturbators and dildos are still incomplete versions of true remote sex, which would require a life-size haptic sex doll.

To go back to the Japanese man with the sex doll replica of his deceased wife. Imagine if he had had the sex doll made whilst she was still alive. Now imagine the sex doll combined with sophisticated haptic technology + real time 3D scanning to enable the man to have remote sex with his wife using the sex doll replica of her (the sex doll would mimic the movements of the wife in realtime through 3D scanning - and, of course, for true virtual sex, the wife would be experiencing the same thing through a sex doll replica of her husband).

Before sexbots ever become widely used, this scenario is much more likely - remote sex using lifelike haptic sex dolls. The distinction between haptic sex dolls and sex robots, however, might not always be clear. Let's return to our grieving Japanese friend one last time. Imagine if his virtual remote sex sessions with his living wife using a lifelike haptic sex doll were recorded. Not only would he have a sex doll replica to play with in order to remind him of his deceased wife, he would be able to experience actual sex with her again, or at least 'relive' previous remote sex sessions, or indeed normal real sex with her that might have also been recorded through 3D scanning. If this sounds fanciful, you might not have heard the news that an adult webcam company recently announced the first haptic databank of 'downloadable blowjobs'.