Monthly Archives: August 2016

BadoinkVR Tries Erotic VR Fiction

BadoinkVR are one of the most innovative of the first wave of virtual reality porn sites. Along with VirtualRealPorn, they were the first to experiment with ‘vroleplay’ – VR Pov videos that make the headset wearer feel he is in the body of another gender or race. Recently they marketed a VR video starring August… Read more »

‘3D Virtuality Porn is Going to Change Everything’

An incel (involuntary male celibate) describes his experience of virtual reality porn to other incels on a forum. The impact of VR porn, as well as of course ‘sexbots’ on the sex market and dating scene is a much discussed topic in the ‘manosphere’ – a loosely related collection of male focused internet communities that… Read more »

Mixed Reality Porn Using the Oculus Rift

Mixed reality porn might be here sooner than we thought.  The difference between VR – Virtual Reality, and MR – Mixed Reality, can be difficult to get one’s head around.  Throw in AR – Augmented Reality, and the confusion becomes even greater.  Essentially, VR puts you into a completely immersive virtual environment – it blocks… Read more »