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Private Rihannon Ryder 4K Porn Movie Review (18+)

Rihannon Ryder debuts for Private 4K with a Facial Rihannon Ryder is a slim breasted elegant young English babe who looks fantastic in sexy lingerie in 4K Ultra-HD. Here she’s making her debut for top 4K porn site Private. After teasing with her stunning lingerie clad body, she gets naked and takes some stiff cock… Read more »

BabeVR Kenna James Review & Reddit Feedback

BabeVR with another fine addition to their rosta of beautiful girl VR POV movies. The background to the scene is the idea that you’re being interviewed by the babe (Kenna James) for some role where a key skill required is to make her cum whenever she wants. As she’s doing most of the action on… Read more »

Introducing the SayberX Luxury Male Masturbator

*Since I first published this article, I’ve heard a lot of negative stuff regarding the SayberX, as well as the trustworthiness of the company behind it, and so I would unfortunately advise against buying this expensive product at the current time. A much better alternative at a similar price is the fantastic Kiiroo Onyx 2… Read more »

Does the BabeVR ‘Stunt Cock’ Format Work? Reader’s Poll.

BabeVR is one of the newer members of the BadoinkVR stable of virtual reality porn sites. What marks it out as different to any other VR site I know of is that it dispenses with the male actor alltogether, whilst at the same time shooting from the viewer’s POV and using a realistic stunt cock… Read more »

VirtualRealPorn Unveil Digitized VR Pornstar Avatar Sex

However, great VR porn is already, it’s still recorded immersive 3D video, at the end of the day. You can move your head from side to side in 180 (or 220/360 sometimes) and your view of the 3D stereo scene changes accordingly as though you are really there. It’s good, but you still can’t interact… Read more »

Sex Redistribution?

“To give a man 5 sous because he is poor and has no bread is perfect, but to give him a blowjob because he has no girlfriend is too much of a good thing: you don’t have to do that.” ― Michel Houellebecq In the light of the awful act of terrorism by self-proclaimed ‘incel’… Read more »

Best AR Porn Sites

Best AR Porn Sites Review 2018 Currently, most Augmented Reality porn for AR glasses, goggles, and smartphones, is still in the prototype stage, but there are already a couple of sites that appear to offer some kind of content or are very close to doing so. 1 # CamasutraVR Camasutra Industries is attempting to create… Read more »

BadoinkVR Teacher’s Wet VR Porn Movie Review (18+)

In the latest VR porn fantasy from number 1 site BadoinkVR, you get to sexperience having your stiff cock teased, sucked, and ridden by your Spanish language teacher. There’s something about a sexy woman speaking Spanish, or any Romance language for that matter, that instantly produces a boner in any normal, healthy Anglo-Saxon male. And… Read more »

3D Printed Vive Controller / Masturbator Clip Project

Ross Parker is doing great things in pushing the boundaries of digital VR animation and sex games. (You can follow him on Twitter here). In one of his latest projects, he’s used a 3D printed clip to attach a HTC Vive controller to a Fleshlight s tyle male masturbation device. As you can see in… Read more »

New VR Fetish Site – Virtual Pee Review (18+)

There’s a surprising number of fetish pay sites now catering for the still very small virtual reality headset market, and a new one appeared recently becoming the first ever dedicated VR pissing site – Virtual Pee. The site updates once a week, and the videos are VERY short – around 5 or 6 minutes. But… Read more »

Wow Porn 4K Movie Review – Sweet Punishment (18+)

Wow Porn is one of the very best 4K Ultra-HD porn movies currently. They have dozens of beautiful full length videos featuring nubile barely legal teenage girls in solo, lesbian, and hardcore penetration scenes. The following HD trailer features some kinky girl on girl action, with an older dominant girl teasing and ‘punishing’ her gorgeous… Read more »

Moral Panic Over Deepfakes Renewed

As the ‘face swapping’ technology behind deepfakes continues to rapidly improve, it seems as though the media moral panic over the use of it in fake porn is being renewed. Two major media reports this week asked – ‘Are deepfakes the new revenge porn?’. Feminist minded culture magazine VOX published an interesting if very one-sided… Read more »