Introducing the SayberX Luxury Male Masturbator

by | December 17, 2017

SayberX male masturbator
Order the SayberX Interactive Male Masturbator for $249

An exciting new male masturbator has been launched recently, with a marketing budget to match the obvious money and effort that have gone into producing the toy. The SayberX is similar to the Autoblow and the Kiiroo Onyx in that it’s a masturbation sleeve encircled by rings that constrict and relax to mimic the sensation of movement, whether being ‘ridden’ or sucked. A YouTube video explains the toy pretty well :

Although primarily a stand alone masturbator, it is also being marketed as a virtual sex toy. The speed of the rings moving up and down the sleeve can be controlled via another person (a girlfriend or webcam performer) wearing a ring device that connects to the SayberX via an app that both must have installed on their phones. The company behind it have partnered with a live webcam site Cam4.

Hopefully I’ll get hold of one in the next couple of months so I can give it a proper review. In the meantime, if you can check out the product, which costs $249, at the SayberX Shop.

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