Monthly Archives: October 2015

Dr Kevin Curran on the Inevitability of Sexbots

Dr Kevin Curren is a reader in Computer Science at Ulster University and senior member of the IEEE, providing comment on trends in technology. Recently he gave an interview in which he discussed how robots would integrate into human society, including their roles as sexbots. Q:You’ve talked previously about the inevitability of sex robots. What… Read More »

David Levy wants to Create Aritificially Intelligent Sexchatbots

David Levy, author of ‘Love and Sex with Robots’, runs a company that aims to bring artificially intelligent ‘erotic chatbots’ to market.  Could it be that the first artificially intelligent program to pass the famous ‘Turing Test’, and thus be considered conscious, will be a chatbot designed to replace your girlfriend?  Vice magazine recently ran… Read More »

Holofilm’s Brian Shuster Discusses Immersive Porn on ‘The Daily Show’

CEO of ‘HoloFilms’ and future porn visionary Brian Schuster was interviewed on a popular comedy show this week, discussing at length his views on what virtual reality and holographics will bring to the way we experience porn and sex. ANCOUVER, Canada — Holofilm Productions and Red Light Center founder Brian Shuster was featured this week… Read More »