Monthly Archives: July 2019

The Advent Of VR Porn Cams

Guest contributor Jack discusses the rise of VR porn cams with the CEO of a pioneering live virtual reality sex chat site. The Advent of VR Porn Cams I wrote a while ago that more vr porn cams are coming up this year and here it is! Just a few days ago was the launch… Read More »

David Levy Claims Male Sexbots Could Rape Their Female Owners

David Levy, author of ‘Love and Sex with Robots‘, and organizer of the annual conference of the same name (which often as not gets banned for inappropriate choice of location), has apparently warned that male sex robots could ‘rape’ their female owners through faulty programming. Incredibly, according to the media reports which have appeared in… Read More »

Facebook’s Photorealistic Avatars Getting Very Real

For fully immersive and realistic virtual sex between two VR headset wearers to be possible, clearly one of the major problems to overcome is to somehow remove the headsets from each other’s view, whilst maintaining accurate and photorealistic avatar tracking. Judging from the video I spotted on Twitter, Facebook are getting very close to achieving… Read More »