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I’ve tried many male masturbators and vibrators, read countless customer reviews, and researched the opinions of other sex toy consumers and reviewers online to come up with what I think is the definitive top-ranking list of the best male sex toys available in 2024.

Top Six List Of The Best Sex Toys For Men In 2024

Rank Male Sex Toy Recomendation Homepage
1. Syncbot Ultra Advanced Haptic AI Masturbator Visit Site
2. KIIROO Keon Powerful Haptic Male Masturbator. Visit Site
3. Autoblow AI Ultra The famous Autoblow now syncs with porn videos. Visit Site
4. The Handy Advanced Haptic Male Masturbator Visit Site
5. LOVENSE Solace Hands Free Interactive Masturbator Visit Site
6. KIIROO ONYX+ Premium And Advanced Interactive Sex Toy Tech Visit Site

Top Ten Male Sex Toys In 2024

1 # Syncbot ($369) The Ultimate Porn Synching AI Masturbator

SyncBot AI masturbator

The Syncbot is a revolutionary, next-generation haptic AI masturbator that takes porn immersion to the next level. Forget about having to find, create, or buy’scripts’ for you to synch your sex toy with the action on the screen. The Syncbot does it all for you, utilizing groundbreaking PornGPT AI technology that enables it to analyze and understand any porn video you are watching and reproduce the action in real time. The intricate mechanisms of the Syncbot, acting upon the richly textured 3D masturbator sleeve, can convincingly replicate oral suction and bodily contractions. It all adds up to the most advanced and immersive male masturbator you can buy in 2024 and is a toy that every lover of high-tech porn should have the pleasure of owning. *UPDATE – The Syncbot browser has been updated to work with VR porn videos.

As a special deal for the readers of this site, type in the coupon code ImmersivePorn at checkout and you will get $20 off of the price.

2 # Kiiroo Keon ($249) Most Powerful Kiiroo Male Masturbator

Capable of a crazy 240 strokes a minute, this is Kiiroo’s latest, most powerful, as well as most sophisticated and smartest interactive haptic male sex toy. Designed to be the next generation version of their popular Fleshlight Launch, this uses their own patented ultra-realistic sleeve made of skin-like material, providing for arguably the most immersive and truest virtual sex experience you can currently get – either with a remote lover or webcam girl, or within a VR headset.

3 # Autoblow AI Ultra ($219) World Famous Automatic Blowjob Machine

The latest iteration of the famous Autoblow blowjob machine raises it to the level of bona-fide contender for the title of best male sex toy in the world. The Autoblow AI Ultra synchs with thousands of porn videos. Quiet, powerful, and sophisticated, the Autoblow has come a long way from the original cheap and tacky version of the mid-2010s. As well as the new porn synching feature, the Autoblow gives you the ability to ‘download’ blowjobs on to it, smartphone remote app, voice control, and ‘machine learning’ to deliver the perfect blowjob. The new Autoblow AI Ultra is only $20 more than the Autoblow AI at a great value $219.

4 # The Handy ($169) Advanced VR Porn Stroker

The Handy is a haptic male sex toy designed primarily to be synched with virtual reality porn videos (via scripts that most of the top sites offer) for a whole new level of immersive masturbation. Sleek and surprisingly simple, it quickly won rave reviews with hardcore VR porn fans, who have come to see it as an essential accessory for their virtual reality sexcapades.

5 # Lovense Solace ($189) Hands-Free Interactive Male Stroker

The Solace is the latest interactive male stroker from leading sex toy brand Lovense. It’s the first hands-free masturbator from the company, and comes with a sturdy clamp that allows you to attach it to a desk or table. The Solace can reach speeds of up to 280 strokes per minute and can be operated remotely via the Lovense smartphone app.

6 # Kiiroo Onyx+ ($219) Interactive Premium Male Masturbator

The Onyx+ is the third generation of the trailblazing male masturbator from the premium interactive sex toy company Kiiroo. As you would expect from perhaps the world’s best haptic sex toy, it can be synchronized to porn videos, including virtual reality porn from a number of leading sites, as well as even live webcam shows or remote sex with a girlfriend. One of the best automatic masturbators in its own right, it takes male masturbation to a whole new level of realistic virtual sex when connected online or remotely.

7 # Magic Motion Xone ($169) Interactive Porn Synching Masturbator

One of the most affordable porn synching masturbators currently available, the Xone lets you feel the action, whether it is a porn video or a live webcam performer. Currently discounted to less than $120.

8 # Virtual Mate ($199) Virtual Intimacy System

A new dimension for male sex toys, the Virtual Mate is billed as the world’s first virtual intimacy system. An AI companion and haptic male masturbator rolled into one, the toy allows you to have sex with a computer-generated virtual lover of your own choosing. Can also be experienced in virtual reality. Ongoing software updates mean that the Virtual Mate you buy will continue to become more advanced as time goes on, and it is currently being equipped with AI chat capability.

9 # Lovense Max 2 ($99) Remote Sucking With 360 Degrees Of Joy

Another revolutionary haptic sex toy that allows remote sex between couples or even webcam performers and their fans. Like other haptic toys, such as the Kiiroo, it can also be synched to VR porn or simply used as a solo male masturbator.

The toy employs adjustable air pressure to create a 360-degree contraction effect around the intricately ribbed and nubed sleeve, while a vibrator buzzes along much of the length. Both the contraction and vibration can be controlled via a smartphone app, either by the user or by his remote lover.

10 # Lovense Calor ($119) Interactive Premium Male Masturbator

The Calor is the latest high-end, yet highly affordable, remote male masturbator from Lovense. The toy utilizes unique ‘depth sensors’ that allows it to know how deep your penis is inside it, adjusting the experience accordingly. Vibrations and tightness can also be set manually, while the toy is controlled by a smartphone app that allows anyone around the world to pleasure you. It can also be paired with Lovense vibrators for virtual sex.

More Male Sex Toys To Consider In 2024

11 # Tena Flip Hole Zero Vibrating ($274) Ultimate Tenga Toy Now Vibrating

The Tenga Flip Hole took the male sex toy world by storm when it was released in Japan a few years ago. One of the most sophisticated male sex toys ever made, it combined the kind of intricate ribbed and nubbed masturbation sleeve that Japanese masturbators, and Tenga sex toys in particular, are famous for. It’s defining feature — along with the famous flip opening — is the novel use of vacuum pressure that can be controlled via buttons running alongside the sides of the case. A variety of sensations can thus be produced using different combinations of buttons, including gentle sucking and squeezing. The only thing missing from the original Flip Hole was vibration, and now that’s been fixed with this premium upgrade.

12 # Kiiroo Titan ($149) Powerful Haptic Male Vibrating Stroker

Another superb interactive haptic male stroker from Kiiroo that can’t be left out of the top ten. Known as ‘the beast’ of VR porn toys, this powerful vibrating stroker does it all, from automatic male masturbation to remote sex and virtual reality porn. At $150, quite a bit cheaper than Kiiroo’s other premium male sex toys.

13 # Arcwave Ion ($199) World’s First Pleasure Air Stroker

An immediate hit when it launched in 2020, this unique ‘Pleasure Air™ stroker’ uses pulsating airwaves to stimulate sensitive pleasure receptors to produce what the makers claim (the same company producing the famous Womanizer and We-Vibe) to be the first male masturbator to give men a ‘female’ orgasm.

14 # Blowmotion ($89) Great Value Self-Warming Male Masturbator

One of a new range of ‘Blowmotion’ automatic male vibrating sucking toys, all of which are self-heating and sophisticated masturbators that represent excellent value for money.

15 # Arcwave Voy ($99) Ultra compact portable male stroker

The ultimate in a portable, discreet, and easy-to-clean (and dry) mastubrator that every man should have in his pocket..or at least his suitcase.

16 # Lovense Gush ($199) Remote Control Vibrating Glans Penis Massager

The latest impressive addition to the Lovense range of high-tech sex toys for men. The Lovense Gush is a hands-free glans masturbator that strokes and vibrates the shaft of your penis via a lightweight, textured, and flexible open sleeve that is super easy to clean.

17 # Cobra Libre 2 ($129) The Legendary First Male Vibrator

The original Cobra Libre was the first true ‘vibrator for men’, and this updated version is still good enough to keep the toy in most top male sex toy lists. Sleek, stylish, and very comfortable to handle, the motors of the toy are designed to softly stimulate the most erotically sensitive parts of the penis – something it succeeds in doing exquisitely.

18 # Tenga Flip Orb ($79) Ergonomic Easy To Handle Flip Hole

The famous Tenga Flip Hole got upgraded with this sleek and ergonomic design. More portable than ever, and even easier to handle and operate. The inside is even more deliciously intricate too – with extra hard orbs combined with a super soft nubbed texture.

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