Best Male Sex Toys

Onyx Male Masturbator 2 – Visit Store

Onyx 2

The Onyx 2 is a trailblazing male masturbator that can be synchronised to recorded videos, including virtual reality porn videos from a number of leading sites, as well as even live webcam shows. Probably the best automatic male masturbator in its own right, it takes fapping to the level of virtual sex when connected to a computer for haptic fun.

Tenga Flip Hole Black – Visit Store

The Tenga Flip Hole took the male sex toy world by storm when it was released in Japan several years ago. One of the most sophisticated masturbators ever made, it combines the kind of intricate ribbed and nubbed masturbation sleeve that Japanese masturbators, and Tenga sex toys in particular, are famous for, with the novel use of vacuum pressure that can be controlled via buttons running alongside the sides of the case. A variety of sensations can thus be produced using different combinations of buttons, including gentle sucking and squeezing.

Hot Octopus Pulse 3 – Visit Store

Hot Octopus Pulse 3 Male Sex Toy

The Hot Octopus is one of the most innovative male masturbators of recent years, and arguably the best male vibrator (or ‘guyvibrator’) yet made. Now in its 3 iteration and available in a solo or duo model for couples. It has something of reputation of being the first vibrator for men that comes close to the sophistication and sensual potency of the best vibrators that women have been enjoying for years. Uses oscillations to stimulate the penis with 5 pre-set vibration modes.

4 # Cobra Libre 2 – Visit Store

Cobra Libre 2

The first Cobra Libre was the first ‘vibrator for men’ and this updated version means it’s not only still one of the top male vibrators, it’s one of the best male sex toys period. Sleek and comfortable to handle, the motors of the toy are designed to softly stimulate the most erotically sensitve parts of the penis – something it succeeds in doing exquisitely.