Best Sex Robots You Can Buy Online Now

The era of sexbots appears to have finally arrived. They are a long way from the finished article, and women don’t have to be afraid just yet, but imperfect though they are, it is now possible at last to buy real sex robots online. With the rapid progress in Artifical Intelligence and robotics in general, together with a marked reduction in the prices of manufacturing luxury realistic sex dolls, the sex robot market is likely go advance and grow very rapidly in the coming years. But here, coming to the end of 2017, are the best sexbots you can buy online today.

1 # Emma the Sex Robot ($4,499 – Visit Site)

Emma is manufactured by an advanced A.I. robotics team in China and is claimed as the first true sex robot in the world. Appearing as beautiful as a luxury sex doll with numerous physical characteristics such as hair and height customizable by the purchaser, Emma comes with a number of sophisticated A.I. features such as touch sense, speech recognition, and body temperature control.

Emma the Sex Robot


2 # Samantha A.I. Sex Robot (3,750 Euros – Visit Site)

‘Samantha’ is actually three different sex robots created by Spaniard Dr. Sergi Santos , each with a unique look and name. ‘Samantha’ and their British ‘handler’ has become something of a media star recently, especially in the UK, appearing on Daytime television shows and no doubt causing wives in the audience to hold their husbands a little more tightly. Each are sold also as regular high end sex dolls without the A.I. features which include multiple body touch sensors and rudimentary speech. The creator has high hopes for the future of such sexbots, claiming this month that they will soon possess a moral code and even be able to give birth.

Samantha Sex Robot Maya


3 # Z-Onedoll Silicone Sex Doll & Android App ($2,000+ Visit Site)

Z-Onedoll is another Chinese luxury sex doll manufacturer that has produced ‘sex robots’, although a better description might be ‘smart sex doll’. Looking at their website and press release, it appears that any number of their realistic dolls can be made, via an Android phone app, to move their mouths, ‘speak’ certain recorded phrases, as well as their body temperature adjusted.

z-onedoll silicone robot androd app system


4 # Roxxxy True Companion ? ($9,995 Visit Site)

This sex robot is very controversial for two reasons. Unveiled as the world’s first sexbot all the way back in 2010 (to much derision), there is much doubt as to whether Roxxxy really exists. Nobody appears to have ever claimed to own one, despite its maker Douglas Hines (a fomer NASA engineer) claiming that thousands had been sold within months. Certainly no YouTube videos showing off Roxxxy by a proud owner are online to my knowledge, nor are their reviews to be found on forums and suchlike. The True Companion website doesn’t appear to have changed significantly since it went online in 2010, although soon after Roxxxy went on sale, the ‘first male sex robot –‘Rocky’ – was added. Secondly, Roxxxy and its creator Hines attracted the fury of feminist anti-sexbot campaigners earlier this year when it came to their attention that the sex robot had a ‘frigid’ personality mode which they say allowed her to be ‘raped’ by any owners of the bot (if any exist).


Roxxxy with creator Douglas Hines


Other supposed or forthcoming Sex Robots for sale

A number of media articles claim that the Spanish ‘sex dolls for rent’ company Lumi Dolls run a ‘sex robot brothel‘ in Barcelona, but their online store only sells dolls.

America’s leading luxury sex doll retailer ‘Real Doll’ and company founder Matt McMullen, have made very public their plans to start selling a sophisticated sex robot called Harmony in late 2017, but so far their site is only offering a ‘virtual reality’ app that might eventually let you have some kind of virtual sex experience with a doll. Harmony now appears set for release in January 2018.


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