Best Vibrators For Men 2021

best male vibrators for men

Until recently, the only ‘male vibrators’ on the sex toy market were cheap masturbation sleeves with a bullet vibrator attached to them. In 2021 there are dozens of sophisticated vibrators for men to choose from, some of them dedicated penis vibrators like the Cobra Libre, while in others the vibration modes are still designed to enhance the basic stroking and thrusting inside the sleeve. I’ve ranked the best of them here, based in some part on personal experience, as well as extensive research into the features each has to offer and how effective customers have found them.

Best Six Male Vibrators in 2021 Quick Ranking List

Inside the Kiiroo Titan diagram

1 # Max2 ($199) – Haptic vibrator for solo, VR porn, or remote sex.
2 # Kiiroo Titan ($149) – Luxury haptic vibrating interactive masturbator.
3 # Fun Factory Manta ($139) – Luxurious and sophisticated stroker for targetted vibrations.
4 # Tenga Zero Flip Hole Vibrating ($249) – The legendary Flip Hole now with vibrations.
5 # Hot Octopus Pulse 3 Solo Lux ($149) – Luxury ‘guyvibrator’ operated via wrist strap.
6 # Desire ($99) – Luxury male vibrator with ecstatic customer reviews.

1# Lovense Max 2 ($199)

Lovense Max 2 Haptic Male Masturbator

One of the leading haptic/remote sex male masturbators is also a sophisticated vibrator. The inner sleeve contracts around your shaft in 360 degrees, while vibrations are pulsed along the length. Both the contractions and vibrations can be controlled via a smartphone, anywhere in the world, allowing for remote sex. A large number of cam girls at the leading webcam sites have the smartphone app that allows them to control your Max 2, but they also have the corresponding female haptic vibrator allowing for true virtual sex. The toy can also be used with VR porn, and there is a specially created VR porn game that owners can enjoy. Like all male haptic vibrators, it works superbly well simply as a vibrating masturbator for men.

2# TITAN Interactive Vibrating Masturbator ($149)

Kiiroo Titan best male vibrator

This interactive ‘haptic’ male masturbator from Kiiroo has no less than 9 vibrating bullets running alongside the exquisite real-feel masturbation sleeve. But not only is it arguably the best vibrator for men as a solo masturbation toy, like all the other Kiiroo masturbators, you can enjoy the most amazing interactive sex with it, either online with a lover or webcam girl, or synched to porn videos, including hundreds of virtual reality porn movies.

3# Manta Vibrating Stroker ($169)

Manta vibrating masturbator Eden Fantasys

Created by the same company that brought us the Cobra Libre, Fun Factory again revolutionized the male vibrator market with this luxurious toy that can deliver targeted vibration to precisely where you want it like no other on this list. The penis head ‘clamp’ is flexible, and the vibrations are so strong you can actually see its ‘wings’ shaking! Ridges on the inside of the clamp have been designed to retain hold of lubricant, making the feel of it as you glide it up and down your shaft even more smooth and luxurious.

4# Tenga Zero Flip Hole Vibrating ($249)

Tenga Zero Flip Hole Male Vibrator

Japanese sex toy company Tenga make the most famously complex and intricate ribbed masturbators in the world, with the Flip Hole being their flagship masturbator. The Flip Hole is a luxury male sex toy that makes clever use of vacuum pressure to maximize the sensations experienced in that legendary sleeve. An now the expert sex toy boffins at Tenga have added vibration – two vibrating cores with five different vibration modes.

5# Hot Octopus Pulse 3 Solo Lux ($119)

Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Lux Vibrator Men

The Hot Octopus has been rightly acclaimed as being of the most innovative male masturbators of recent years. It’s the cleverly designed vibrator for men that made the ‘guyvibrator’ a real thing – equal in sophistication and performance as the type of toys women have enjoyed for years. And now it’s been upgraded into a remote control luxury version that is even more powerful and easier to operate than before. Operate from a wrist worn remote control, either yourself for solo masturbation or your partner for couple’s fun. Uses oscillations to stimulate the penis, and this latest version does with with 8 different patterns of vibration AND 8 different intensity modes! Also comes in other cheaper versions without the remote.

6# Lovehoney Desire ($99)

Desire Male Vibrator

A luxury male vibrator from Lovehoney that in many ways is the upgraded Cobra Libre that many of us wanted for several years. Rather than simply vibrating your penis head only, this allows you to fit most or all of your shaft in, allowing you to slide it up and down as with a masturbator. However, it’s far more male vibrator than stroker. As you slide in, the intense vibrations cause something of a suction effect. And there are 8 patterns and 12 different levels of intense vibration to choose from, generated by no less than THREE different powerful motors.

7# Cobra Libre 2 ($129)

Cobra Libre 2

The first Cobra Libre was the toy that arguably kickstarted the male vibrator revolution a few years back. We hadn’t really seen a masturbator like this before. It didn’t even look like a sex toy (deliberately designed to resemble a famous sports car). The second version is a little quieter and even more smooth to operate than the original. Although a number of male vibrators have come on to the market and are even more sophisticated than the Cobra Libre, this is still one of, if not the very best, vibrators for men, especially if you are looking for a penis head vibrator in particular.

8# Control Male Vibrator ($89)

Control Male Masturbator

A new vibrator for men from sex toy brand Control that completely engorges the penis shaft in a snug fit, then lets you take advantage of two separate vibrating motors that each have ten different modes. Each of the modes of the two motors can be combined independently, so you have a near endless variety of pulses, patterns, and intensities to experiment with. This is one of the ‘purest’ male vibrators on this list.

9# Lovehoney Man Wand Extra Powerful ($99)

Man Wand Extra Powerful Male Vibrator

A versatile male vibrator that is as easy to use as it looks, yet does a lot more! Simply slide your penis into the flexible silicone head and choose between 20 vibration modes and 8 different speeds. The design also makes it perfect as a couples toy. The rounded head of the toy means you can also use it as a prostate vibrator.

10# Lovehoney Hot Shot ($79)

Lovehoney Hot Shot Warming Male Vibrator

Intended to simulate oral sex for men, this self-warming masturbator from Lovehoney is more effective as a male vibrator. At least, it can certainly do a lot more than the mouth of any woman, as it sends pulses and vibrations around your penis head with 6 different patterns and 3 intensity levels.

11# Male Masturbation Massager ($99)

Male Masturbation Massager

As you’d expect from a cheap Japanese male vibrator, this toy has a crazily versatile design allowing it to deliver real bang for the buck. It has two vibrating motors, and while one will buzz your penis shaft, the other also gives vibration to your scrotum. You can also pick one of ten vibration patterns for optimal orgasms and masturbation sessions.

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