Brothels ‘Can’t Compete with Tinder’

It’s reported that an Australian brothel ‘can’t compete with easy online hookups’. Wait until the sexbots arrive..

Sex isn’t selling — at least not at one legal Aussie brothel, whose owner says online dating apps and tighter regulations are pinching her bottom line.

“Tinder and these sex dating sites have absolutely affected us,” the owner, who asked to be called only Rebecca told the Sunshine Coast Daily. “The younger generation are so willy-nilly with their sexuality, they can look at someone [on an app] and go ‘Oh you’re only a few kilometers away, let’s meet up and have sex.’”

Her brothel Lush Marcoola in Queensland has seen a staggering 40 percent drop in business last year, she said.

The brothel Madam also claimed that whorehouses like hers are safer than casual sex because all her sexworkers are required to take regular STD health checks. She also accuses many of the girls with profiles on quick hookup apps like Tinder of being private prostitutes who can escape these health and tax regulations.

The argument that cheap sex devalues the price that prostitutes can pay was famously made in the book ‘Freakonomics‘, a bestseller which took a popular and offbeat look at how economics affects practically every area of life, and explored how the earning potential of prostitutes has waxed and waned over the last century due to changes in demographics, technology, and sexual mores. Here is the author talking about the subject in a YouTube video :

And articles :

Before World War II, if a young man wanted sex, he had two basic options: marriage or a brothel. So in the 1930s, one in five American men lost his virginity to a prostitute.

A profitable sector for hookers — until the sexual liberation movement in the 1960s changed the business of intimacy, and a generation of “free love” altered the marketplace forever. The modesty traditionally displayed by women in search of Mr. Right evolved to a bold pursuit of Mr. Right Now. And an era of casual sex — prostitution’s direct rival — was conceived.

“The reason the relative price has fallen so much is because there is competition from women who will have sex for free,” said Dubner.

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