CGI Instagram Babe Lil Miquela claims she was ‘sexually assaulted’

Lil Miquela - assault claim

Lil Miquela - assault claimIf sex robots can be victims of unwanted sexual aggression, why not artificially cgi rendered fake social media influencers such as Lil Miquela? Despite being a fictional persona made up entirely of computer generated pixels, the stunning beauty recently vlogged that she was sexually assaulted whilst taking a ride share. Hopefully the click bait stunt wont backfire on the individuals behind Lil Miquela, as it did with Sergei Santos – the sex robot creator who infamously claimed his hotbot had been sexually victimized and groped at a tech fair. I can certainly see the same type of activists now calling for cgi rendered artificial beauties to be accorded ‘human rights’ (or at least the right to be a victim).

A fake, computer-generated social media influencer and ‘musician’ Lil Miquela has irked some of her 1.8 million followers and many others online after claiming she was “sexually assaulted.”
Dubbed the “first virtual influencer,” Lil Miquela is part influencer, pushing a variety of clothing brands, part activist, vocally supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBT+ rights, and part dystopian nightmare.

Her bio describes her as a “change-seeking robot” and she is the product of an odd AI startup called Brud, whose website consists of a view-only Google document in which the company claims to be based in LA and makes ‘story worlds’ that “create a more tolerant world by leveraging cultural understanding and technology.”

The company also claims that Miquela is “as real as Rihanna.” However, last week the people behind Miquela invoked the wrath of Twitter through an utterly grotesque vlog in which she describes being sexually assaulted by a man during a rideshare, despite being made of pixels.

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