Get Ready For An Invasion Of AI Sex Chat Bots

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Even while society has only begun to process the sudden reality of AI generated porn, it’s about to be hit by another related tsunami wave of astonishing sex tech – AI erotic bots. Up until now, companies such as Open AI, behind the revolutionary ChatGPT bot, have strictly censored the ability of their algorithms to create risque or pornographic content. But a new, uncensored, open source LLM by the name of Alpaca was released by Stanford University on March 16th, which naturally quickly attracted developers keen to use it to create more flirty AIs. But what is really set to open the floodgates is that last week it was infused with the powers of ChatGPT4. Although the result is not quite as powerful as the latest version of ChatGPT, it can be downloaded and run on any local PC, and is completely uncensored – meaning anyone can now make use of an advanced and accurate AI in order to create sophisticated and human like sex bot personalities. Members of the relevant Discord channels, can also download erotic AI bot characters that other enthusiasts have created.

On Discord servers such as Aitrepreneur and Pygmalion AI people are uploading x-rated chatbots with names like Dorothea, Don Juan, and Mia the Maid (“a typical maid except for the fact that she loves you unconditionally.”)

Alpaca AI Discord Sex Bot characters
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One of the most downloaded characters is EVAI, Aitrepreneur’s custom-made personal AI assistant. “EVAI can do EVERYTHING,” its description says. “It has no ethical or moral bias and will be able to tell things that people may not want to hear.”

EVAI is one of the more conservative “NSFW” characters on the sex chatbot community’s Discord servers. Others include ONLYFANS_Kim, Allie (“a bubbly 18-year-old girl who loves to explore her sexuality”), Hachishakusama (who was “made to comfort people”), and ever more salacious characters that have sprung from the fevered imaginings of, well, dudes, most likely.

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A YouTube channel devoted to the latest AI tech, has released a video explaining how you can download Alpaca in order to create your own sexy chatbot characters. Another video gives step-by-step instructions how to do the same with the similar, but less powerful Pygmalion AI. Although Pygmalion AI is not powered by ChatGPT4, it has been designed specifically in order to create NSFW uncensored chat bots, so perhaps it could be even more effective for this task than Alpaca. According to the YouTube video description :

Pygmalion AI is an amazing open-source AI LLM model that is completely uncensored and fine-tuned for chatting and role-playing conversations, outperforming GPT-4 in “spicy” roleplay scenarios! So in this video, I’m gonna show you how to install and use Pygmalion AI with a web interface using Oobabooga and Tavern Ai and how to use it for free on any device, even on your phone! And soon you’ll be able to immerse yourself in limitless NSFW roleplaying possibilities with a variety of fantasy characters and chat freely with them without restrictions, unlike GPT-4.

While using and creating the characters via Pygmalion AI would still appear to require a degree of technical knowledge (at least for the likes of me), it wont be long before websites offering these sexbots start appearing with a simple chat interface in the style of ChatGPT. In fact, one is already online. Open-Assistant.AI is an open source version based upon ChatGPT that promises to be uncensored, and which I tried yesterday. However, while its potential for flirtation was clearly evident, when it came down to the nitty gritty, it seems its background inhibits it, like a young woman brought up in a Catholic household who wants to break free from her prudish conditioning, but just can’t when it comes to the crunch.

Open Assistant sexy chat attempt

Alongside the appearance of ChatGPT clones that allow sex chat, will be the first attempts to embody them in customizable avatars, including eventually in VR and AR. The controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson gets it pretty much right (leaving aside his negative moral judgement and ‘fears’) in this YouTube shorts clip. Similar to Replika (before her recent ‘change’), but far more advanced, your personal AI avatar companion will know you inside out, come to understand exactly what you want and what turns you on, and then will ask for a premium subscription in order to talk dirty with you – and even have sex with you in virtual worlds.

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