Japanese Women’s Breasts Are Getting Bigger

JAVHD - beautiful Japanese woman with big breasts

JavHD - Jap girls breasts getting bigger

The breasts of Japanese women are not only getting bigger, they’ve been getting bigger and bigger for the last 40 years. Recent research by a Japanese lingerie firm revealed that while today over 17% of women between 20 and 60 require a D-cup size bra or bigger, back in 1980 only 4.5% did so.

According to an ‘expert’, the reasons are likely due to better nutrition, in particular the increased consumption of fats, including or especially by mother’s during pregnancy.

“There are two reasons for this,” explained Shuko Sakata, manager of brand marketing at Triumph. “The first is changes in the diet, such as increased meat consumption and westernization in general. The other is because we manufacturers have become better at teaching customers the correct way to select a brassiere. When putting on their bras, women tend to lean forward and by so doing gravity collects fleshy parts on the sides of their torso to fill up the cup. That alone can increase cup size by as much as two sizes.

Source : https://japantoday.com/category/features/kuchikomi/japanese-women’s-breast-size-boasts-40-years-of-continued-growth

What has this to do with digisexuality and future sex tech, you might be asking? Well it’s an example of what I call a trend of ‘sexual enhancement’, caused in this case by environmental factors. Although it might be a stretch to attribute the cause to ‘sex tech’, one can imagine that if the reason as stated above is partly due to women better able to select the right bra, that for example augmented reality might take this a step further (in selecting the right bra). It also clearly shows that our bodies are changing even without the influence of sex tech itself (although ‘better nutrition’ is obviously related to improvements in tech in general).

Interestingly, it’s debatable if Japanese women want, or Japanese men prefer, larger breasts. I’ve even heard it said that the reason Japanese men appear to have such an infamous obsession with schoolgirls is because they have evolved to prefer slim and small breasted females.

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