New American Based Sex Doll Site – My Hidden Doll

by | March 15, 2018

Realistic sex dolls are one of the fastest growing sectors of the future sex tech industry. Chinese labour costs and cheaper materials (namely, TPE) that are yet just as realistic as silicone have cut prices to around a third from only a few years ago. Further, they seem to be in tune with a male zeitgeist of ‘men going their own way (MGTOW)’ that sees men openly foresaking not only marriage, but dating itself.
A new online sex doll site – MyHiddenDoll – recently opened up that is American based and caters mainly to an English speaking worldwide market. The site design is a bit retro, but if you focus on the quality of the sex dolls then you should be impressed. Although I assume the dolls are manufactured in China, it’s noticeable that the dolls are mainly of Western appearance, and many of them I haven’t come across before at any of the multitude of growing online doll sites that I frequently browse. They also apparently come with the optional ‘A.I. features’ of self-heating and ‘sounds’.
example selection sex dolls
Click the image selection above to take a closer look at the MyHiddenDoll shop.

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