Play with Japanese VR Girl

Together VR

Whilst adult VR in Europe and America has focused almost entirely upon real actors/actresses in recorded action (with the occasional largely ill-fated attempts at live VR cams), in Japan digital VR sex games have become very popular. As you might expect, they often involve allowing the headset wearer to interact with a sexy and cute virtual girlfriend. In the YouTube streaming VR game shown below, you actually get to play games with your digitial VR GF.

If you are wondering what augmented reality porn will look like when it finally arrives, then these digital VR girlfriend games from Japan might be the best guide. Unlike VR, digital AR is much easier to create than live actors, and AR and gaming are a perfect mix as Pokeman Go already showed. My guess is that Japan will lead the way with AR porn, and it will be (at least at first) of the digital girlfriend game type action.

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