PornHub could become risque alternative to YouTube


Under pressure from governments and NGO pressure groups, YouTube is increasingly taking a firmer line on risque and politically incorrect content. A recent trend has been for channels forced off, demonitzed, or otherwise censored on YouTube to migrate to PornHub, the largest adult video sharing site online. And it appears that PornHub might be happy with this, and building themselves as a serious ‘mature’ alternative to YouTube. According to Corey Price, the company’s vice president :

Our offering is actually quite similar to YouTube’s. We recently renamed our amateur program to the model program to be more encompassing of all our amazing content creators uploading their self-made content for ad revenue and promotion to cam shows and paid clip sites. The program is extremely popular right now. We have many tens of thousands currently enrolled and we also receive hundreds of signups each and every day. Our program boasts some of the highest payouts across the entire industry, paying out approximately 90% of the ad-revenue earned. Many of our models use Pornhub not only to make ad revenue but also promote their subscription websites, paid snapchats, cam shows etc. and end up building huge fan bases across all their platforms.

The problem for PornHub is how a primarily hardcore adult tube site can accomodate non-pornographic content and serve advertisers. If it somehow pulls it off, it would be a clear sign that ‘porn’ is indeed becoming part of the mainstream.

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