Roxxxy TrueCompanion Robot Unveiled

Roxxxy claimed as first sex robot with inventor Douglas Hines
Let's have some girl on girl action!
Let's have some girl on girl action!

Roxxxy True Companion sex robot was officially unveiled today at the Adult Entertainment Expo being held in Los Angeles.  After writing a rather damning ‘preview’ here yesterday, and having seen some new pictures of Roxxxy and, more importantly, new information about what she can do and how she will develop, I’m happy to say that the world’s first sexbot now looks a lot more promising than I had presumed.

First of all, what excites me about the Roxxxy project is that the robot is going to be connected to the internet, raising a number of intriguing possibilities for development and software updates.  Furthermore, this wi-fi enabled connection will allow the ‘Roxxxy social newtwork community’ of owners to share and develop the personalities of their robot dolls via open source programming.

Finally, the price of a TrueCompanion sex doll is a lot lower than I and many others had assumed – $7,000 – $9,000, which is around the same as a high end realistic sex doll. 

Looks wise, Roxxxy certainly a little more pleasing to the eye in these new photos than she appeared yesterday – I always preferred brunettes, and the change of look highlights how the colour of her hair and eyes can be specified by the purchaser.

Of course, final verdicts have to wait until video of Roxxxy in action emerges, hopefully in the next few hours – you’ll see it here, so bookmark VirtualSexTouch now!.

More information at True Companion Debut’s Sex Robot Roxxxy

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