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I recently submitted my article – ‘Controligarchs’ – Mark Zuckerberg Out To Control Society Through VR Porn? – to the popular r/oculusnsfw subreddit. Unfortunately, it was largely downvoted. Seems that members of the unofficial VR porn community on Reddit are not very much interested in my detailing of a forthcoming likely bestseller that portrays VR porn as a tool of the elites to control the masses. Nevertheless, it did receive a couple of positive comments, to which I’m very grateful. I noted in the article that the book makes use of a 2019 study that compared VR porn to 2D porn, finding that VR porn was unsurprisingly felt to be more real. The author of the sensationalist book (Seamus Bruner) exploits the finding of that study to highlight the supposed inevitably addictive and harmful nature of VR porn consumption, whereas it seems more logical to see the finding positively. While 2D porn, especially short porn tube clips, can cause the viewer to be desensitized and detached from what he is viewing, VR porn is more likely to cause one to emphasize with and feel real intimacy with the actress. In fact, this is exactly what a more recent German study entitled ‘VR Porn As “Empathy Machine“‘ found.

Studies showing the positive effects of VR porn as compared to 2D porn should be something that the hardcore fan community supports. Alas, it would appear that most only care only about who is in the next VR Bangers release. But as I said, I did get a couple of positive comments from Redditors, and one of them suggested another study he would like to see.

This is some really good journalism. Well done, u/xhumanist! I’ve had a Quest 2 for about a year now and I definitely think it’s healthier for the brain compared to 2D. Hopefully the researchers who study the link between adult videos and erectile dysfunction during IRL sex will do studies with compared VR vs 2D.

So this got me thinking about what studies I would like to see relating to VR porn and other porn and sex tech. Here are three that would be beneficial to the Immersive Porn community, as I am confident that the findings would be positive.

Does VR Porn Have A More Positive Impact On Erectile Dysfunction Than 2D Porn?

As the Redditor suggested, it would be really interesting to look at how viewing VR porn over 2D porn compares when it comes to men who report suffering from erectile dysfunction problems. Anti-porn activists often claim that ‘porn addiction’ can lead to erectile dysfunction problems due to desensitization, and there is some evidence that this might be the case. For example, a 2020 survey questioned over 3,000 men with sexual partners about their porn viewing habits and any erectile dysfunction problems. Given that at least two studies have already found that watching VR porn is significantly felt to be more real and intimate, it should follow that men would be less desensitized through watching adult VR movies, and be less likely to develop erection problems than those watching only 2D content. Furthermore, I suspect that experiencing porn in VR, could actually treat erectile dysfunction problems, especially when the problem is caused primarily by sexual and social anxiety.

Back in the early days, when the top VR porn studios were still experimentative and daring, the Badoink studio launched a VR sex therapy website, aimed at both men and women, that was premised on the intuitive idea that the more intimate and real experience of VR could help patients overcome sexual anxieties. Badoink also actually commissioned a study in 2017 through a Danish neuroscience research firm, that compared the experience of VR and 2D porn. Interestingly, although the experiment found that overall the former was indeed more positive, it did not find that arousal was greater when viewing VR porn. The study did have drawbacks though, it relied entirely on EEG readings of the brains of the participants and used a limited sample. And back in 2017, BadoinkVR was still shooting in 4K.

Are Men Who Have AI Girlfriends Happier Than Single Men With No AI Girlfriends

We’ve seen the increasingly hysteric attacks on AI girlfriends during the course of the year. They have been blamed for a rise in incels, the normalization of abuse in relationships, and a collapse in the birth rate. Naturally, AI boyfriends are spared this kind of wrath, and are even hailed as empowering for women. But this appears to be all anecdotal and based upon prejudice. I would like to see some actual studies into the effects on men of regularly using an AI chat partner service. In particular, I’d like to see a study that looks at whether or not such men are happier and feel less lonely, than single men who do not use AI girlfriends. After all, the critics of AI girlfriends don’t seem to be interested at all in any positive effects for men, but only in the alleged indirect negative effects on women. Let’s take a look at the positive impact AI girlfriends could have on men for themselves. Such a study could also examine whether the use of AI girlfriends helps men with social anxiety feel more confident when communicating with real women.

Does The Use Of Sex Dolls Lead To Men Treating Partners And Sex Workers Any Worse?

Radical feminists are making the argument that sex robots will lead to men objectifying and abusing real women. They are already claiming that men who visit the growing number of sex doll brothels can play out fantasies, such as extremely rough sex or rape, that a real-life sex worker would not submit to. Such behavior, they argue, becomes normalized among the clients of sex doll brothels, leading them to repeat it when they visit real sex workers, or even on their own partners. However, to my knowledge, no study has actually looked at this, and it appears to be just a theoretical supposition on the part of feminists that supports their foundational opposition to any kind of sex work or payment for sexual services by men. A more rational presupposition would be that there would be less abuse of sex workers and partners, as men with such violent and abusive fantasies can safely take them out on an inanimate sex doll.

In Conclusion – The Porn And Sex Tech World Needs To Be More Active In Sponsoring Studies To Counter The Abolitionists

VR porn, AR porn, AI porn, AI girlfriends, sex robots…the porn and sex tech world is really taking off now, and all these things are going to come together at an increasing, almost exponential rate. The moral panics and hysterias will intensify, and the calls for draconian legislation are going to grow louder and louder. It’s time for some of the leaders in these fast-growing high-tech adult industries to come together and sponsor studies that can demonstrate the many positive benefits that digisexuality brings to both men and women. The advocacy research of the radical abolitionists, cannot go unopposed.

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