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Hybri – Your Ultimate Holographic AI Lover?

Just when Japanese holo AI assistant makers Gatebox appear to be disappointing us in our lockdowned hours of need and aspiration, a Florida based startup has launched with the intention of creating something even more ambitious. Nothing less than your ultimate holographic AI lover. Named Hybri, it differs from the Gatebox holo girl AI assistant… Read More »

VICE Magazine Reports On Virt-A-Mate 3D Avatars Of Celebs And Girlfriends

I’ve showcased the software program for creating 3D animations ‘Virt-A-Mate‘ a number of times on this site. Anyone who uses it or keeps track of its regular upgrades and additions (users can create ‘modules’ – such as for creating realistic looking hair – that other users can then utilize in their scenes) must realize that… Read More »