Ten Best Blowjob Machines for Men 2021

It’s time to update the top blowjob machine list, with the addition of the exciting ‘The Handy‘ blowjob machine – one of the most talked about and raved about new male sex toys of 2020. 1# TITAN by Kiiroo – $149 at Kiiroo The flagship mid-range priced interactive male haptic stroker from Kiiroo contains 3… Read More »

The Future Of Augmented Reality Porn In 2021 And Beyond

I recently reported that BadoinkVR has become the third VR site to offer augmented reality porn. Although at the moment there is only a free demo of one girl, it’s an encouraging sign that perhaps AR porn is finally about to take off. Badoink had first teased the prospect of AR girls several years ago.… Read More »

Why Is Transsexual VR Porn So Popular?

There are currently six virtual reality porn sites devoted to trans porn. This can be contrasted with just two gay porn sites (three if you include ‘StudsVR‘ which only released a few videos several years ago and hasn’t updated since). One of the two ‘active’ gay sites hasn’t updated since early last year. The only… Read More »

VR Porn IS More Real and Intimate Confirms German University Study

Virtual reality porn is widely marketed as being a far more satisfying, intimate, and of course ‘real’ experience than watching regular 2d porn. A study commissioned by leading site BadoinkVR in 2018, did find that the stimulation of VR porn was not only felt to be more positive by the viewer than 2D, but also… Read More »

Best AR Porn Sites 2020

It has been rather a while since I took a good look at the state of play in the nascent augmented reality porn world and updated this list. To tell you the truth, this is because not a lot – until recently – has been happening. For a long time there was the same handful… Read More »

BadoinkAR – VR Porn Site Launches Augmented Reality Porn

One of the first virtual reality porn sites – BadoinkVR – has become the latest of a select handful to offer augmented reality content. And it relly is very good. Still not officially released, and indeed the domain BadoinkAR.com currently redirects to the VR site, but if you visit Badoink on your smartphone, you can… Read More »

Japanese Government Funds AI Dating

Japan is suffering from a birth rate problem, and their government thinks that matching young couples through Aritificial Intelligence might provide the solution. While many of us might believe that this world is radically overpopulated, the Japanese are facing the practical reality of a rapidly aging population, with an ever shrinking number of young people… Read More »

BadoinkVR Advent Calender 2020 – A Free VR Porn Video Every Day Until Christmas!

The Black Friday sales might be over, but leading virtual reality porn site BadoinkVR are still in a very give away mood. Last Tuesday (December 1st) they launched this year’s VR porn advent calender, with one new full-length free video each day until Christmas Day, featuring classic moveis from their entire VR site network. Oh,… Read More »