Touchable Holograms Closer To Reality

Something even more exciting for the world of virtual reality porn than the shipping of the Oculus Quest too took place this week. At least, perhaps in the long run. Because it appears that we are a big step closer to ‘touchable holograms’, something that will lead to ultra-realistic haptic touch in virtual and augmented… Read More »

Kiiroo Keon – ‘A New Standard For Interactive Pleasure’?

Arguably the top brand for interactive sex toys (at least for men), Kiiroo are getting ready to launch their next generation masturbator, neatly timed for this week’s release of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Titled ‘Keon’, it’s already available for pre-order at the company’s online store. I haven’t got my hands on this… Read More »

The Best VR Porn Headset Yet – The Oculus Quest 2 – Is Released Today

The next generation of the flagship standalone (untethered) virtual reality headset from Oculus – the Oculus Quest 2 – is released today, little more than a year after the successful launch of the original version. The first Oculus Quest was itself really an upgrade of the Oculus Go, which was the first standalone VR headset… Read More »

Smart Sex Toy Arcwave Ion Allows Men to Experience ‘Female Orgasms’

The revolutionary We-Vibe was one of the first successful teledildonic toys, enabling men to pleasure their female partners remotely, while also experiencing their own penis stimulated by the same toy. Nonetheless, the emphasis was very much on the women’s needs, and the We-Vibe is also a high quality solo vibrator for women. But now the… Read More »

New VR Porn Videos – Cosplay, Teen, Lingerie, Sybil A, June Lovejoy & More

Some more of my favorite porn experiences in my virtual reality headset in recent weeks. If you still haven’t jumped into VR porn, or are looking to upgrade your ability to enjoy the latest VR porn, then don’t forget that the Oculus Quest 2 launches in just 13 days time (October 13th). The original Oculus… Read More »

Remote Controlled Sex Dolls – The Ultimate In Teledildonics

Sex robots that can move and talk, self-heat and lubricate, and even tell you the capital of Mongolia, are almost here. But until they can actually feel your penis inside of them, they will continue to be little more than sophisticated Fleshlights, and sex with them no more than advanced masturbation. However, there is another… Read More »

VR Porn Videos – VR GFE, Czech Sluts, Cosplay and Japanese Creampie

Another selection of some of the best new VR movies of recent weeks. Sex Babes VR – Confessions of a Real Estate Agent The videos of SexBabesVR tend to have rather basic backdrops, mainly the bedroom, although the rightly praised naturalness of the sex scenes not only makes up for that but is likely enhanced… Read More »

VR Porn Movies – GFE, Volleyball Voyeurism, Hungarian 18, Outdoor Stepfamily Sex

Here are five of the best VR porn movies I’ve experienced recently. VirtualRealPorn – Fluid Kristy Black is a regular in VR porn, appearing in a number of sites. It’s easy to see why she is in demand – young, beautiful, nubile and natural, and obviously enjoys sucking and fucking in virtual reality. In other… Read More »

Best New VR Porn Videos – 8K Group Sex, Teen VR Debuts

After some hiccups caused by lockdowns affecting studios, it seems that VR porn is going from strength to strength again, now capitalizing on the increase in traffic that those very same lockdowns have contributed to (as well as the success of the Oculus Quest headset). Some of the best movies of the year were released… Read More »