Nerdy Girl 5K Virtual Reality Porn Movie Review

Baby Nicols in glasses makes for the perfect Latina nerdy girl in this VR porn fantasy. Baby Nicols Stars In ‘Nerdy Dreams’ (VirtualRealPorn) ‘Nerdy girl’ porn fantasies are some of my favorites. It’s amazing what a pair of thick rimmed glasses will do to even a real slutty girl’s appearance. If you saw this Latina… Read More »

A Digisexual Manifesto

One of the new buzzwords of the last year or so has been ‘digisexuality’, a term coined to describe the lifestyle of individuals who seek sexual satisfaction through technology (‘digisexuals’). It captures the awareness that digital technology is affecting masturbation, sex, and relationships (even marriage) in ever increasingly powerful and disruptive ways. It can cover… Read More »

Sex Tech Review of the Year 2018 Pt 1 – Sex Robots

After a disappointing trajectory in the growth of virtual reality porn, sex tech watchers began 2018 with hopes that it would be the year that sex robots were finally going to become a thing. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting as we welcome in another New Year. Widespread relief that an infamous ‘teledildonics’ patent had finally expired… Read More »