Gatebox Cute Anime Girl AI Assistant Gets ‘Westernized’

Interesting and somewhat depressing news that the brilliant holographic AI assistant from Japanese company Gatebox is being ‘Westernized’ for American and European Millennial audiences. Gone is the adorable teenage anime girl, and in her place is an ’empowered’ and assertive American woman, complete with shoulder pads – and even a middle-aged man. Activists have in… Read More »

Jessica Portman Says – ‘Look At Me’ (VR Porn Review)

Nubile young Russian beauty Jessica Portman says – ‘look at me’, and it will be hard for you to do anything but in this 5K VR porn movie from VirtualRealPorn, from the moment she reveals her perky breasted barely legal body to the creampie climax after nearly an hour of pounding her delicious cream muff… Read More »

Canadian TV News Article On Digisexuality

Interesting and informative piece on digisexuality from CTV (Canadian TV) News, with a variety of perspectives including the ‘founder’ of digisexuality Neil McArthur (himself a Canadian). But with these developments, we’ve also seen swift backlash against sexual technologies, McArthur said, and he fears moral panic will only grow more intense as more digisexuals come… Read More »

Best 4K Porn Movies Of December

Some of the best 4K ultra-hd porn movies of the month (trailers in HD). Check out the top list ranking of the best 4K porn sites here. Private – Lina Mercury, Fucked by the Sea Natural Russian beauty Linda Mercury (also known as Linda Weasley) has her perfect body fucked so hard by the sea… Read More »

CGI Instagram Babe Lil Miquela claims she was ‘sexually assaulted’

If sex robots can be victims of unwanted sexual aggression, why not artificially cgi rendered fake social media influencers such as Lil Miquela? Despite being a fictional persona made up entirely of computer generated pixels, the stunning beauty recently vlogged that she was sexually assaulted whilst taking a ride share. Hopefully the click bait stunt… Read More »

Ten Best Blowjob Machines for Men 2020

Since I first published my list of the five best blowjob machines for men, several new automatic sucking toys have appeared on the market, including a ‘smart’ upgrade of the famous Autoblow. So here’s an updated ranking list with my pick of the ten best blowjob machines you can buy online in 2020! 1# SOM… Read More »

XBiz On How Ultra-Conservative Zealots Became Media Experts On ‘Sexpolitation’

Adult industry news hub Xbiz published an interesting piece recently exposing how ‘The National Center On Sexual Exploitation’ morphed from being an ultra-conservative anti-porn group called ‘Morality In Media’ into a seemingly respectable NGO that the media quotes and politicians listen to on all things to do with ‘sex exploitation’ – from sex trafficking to… Read More »