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Adult VR Game vrXcity is Compatible with Oculus Quest 2

The German based developers behind adult digital VR game vrXcity, have announced that it can be played on the new Oculus Quest 2 headset. Given that the Quest 2 appears to be flying off the shelves and fuelling a big spike in demand for VR porn, that’s quite a prudent and obvious commercial move to… Read More »

Naughty America VR Scenes Available In Augmented Reality

Naughty America appear to have extended their augmented reality porn offerings to include many of their virtual reality scenes. At the start of this year, they launched a range of ‘volumetric 3D hologram virtual strippers‘ that could be experienced either in VR or through an AR smartphone app with availability for AR headsets such as… Read More »

XR Porn – Sex Tech Review Of The Year 2018 Part 2

Virtual Reality Porn – An Industry Still In The Balance Expectations for the growth of VR porn were much more muted in 2018 than they had been in 2017. After a crazy Xmas period in the winter of 2016, it seems like virtual reality was indeed the immediate future of porn. Unfortunately, the subsequent trajectory… Read More »

Naughty America Showcases ‘AR Strippers’ At CES 2019

Naughty America, one of the original VR porn sites, and the only porn company allowed to demonstrate at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), has displayed volumetric ‘AR strippers’ at this year’s event. Last year at the same show they presented a rather improvised attempt at a smartphone AR porn demonstration using digitalized… Read More »

Naughty America infuriates subscribers with new pricing model

Naughty America were one of the pioneers of virtual reality. And even before that, they were the first major studio to start filming 4K ultra-hd content. Unfortunately, it seems that their investment in future porn tech trends has backfired, and they are now in deep financial difficulties. For over a year, the company behind Naughty… Read More »