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Deepfake Porn, Chatbots, And Even ‘Fan Fiction’ Under The Cosh In South Korea

Future sex tech is increasingly coming under attack in South Korea, or if you prefer, under stricter regulation. A ‘hyper-sexualized’ female chatbot that also spewed racist insults has been suspended, while also serving to put the menace of deepfake porn back under the spotlight. At the same time, a debate has begun as to whether… Read More »

Emma the AI Sex Robot in Action

Sadly, not that type of action, but this video does show off some impressive AI capabilities. Unlike most talking robot YouTube videos, the conversation appears relatively unscripted. Sexbots like these might still be relatively crude in their functionality, but when you consider that appearance wise and limb flexibility they are at the level of luxury… Read More »

David Levy wants to Create Aritificially Intelligent Sexchatbots

David Levy, author of ‘Love and Sex with Robots’, runs a company that aims to bring artificially intelligent ‘erotic chatbots’ to market.  Could it be that the first artificially intelligent program to pass the famous ‘Turing Test’, and thus be considered conscious, will be a chatbot designed to replace your girlfriend?  Vice magazine recently ran… Read More »