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Digisexuality is a term coined recently to describe the increasing number of people who seek sexual happiness through rapidly advancing digital technology, including virtual reality porn and sex robots. Followers of this lifestyle, who are expected to form a sizeable segment of society in the coming decades, are referred to as digisexuals.

Japanese Government Funds AI Dating

Japan is suffering from a birth rate problem, and their government thinks that matching young couples through Aritificial Intelligence might provide the solution. While many of us might believe that this world is radically overpopulated, the Japanese are facing the practical reality of a rapidly aging population, with an ever shrinking number of young people… Read More »

The Observer On ‘The Rise of Technosexuals During Lockdown’

Interesting article appeared on The Observer yesterday on ‘Sex Robots, Teledildonics, and the Rise of Technosexuals During Lockdown‘. I’d recommend you read it, but here are a couple of thoughts of my own on the subject. As somebody who markets both sex toys and VR porn (as well as 4K porn etc.), I can vouch… Read More »

Two News Articles On Sex Robots

A couple of interesting articles on sex robots appeared in the news recently. Clickbait articles on sexbots appear daily, but these two are worth actually reading. Sex Robots Are Here But Laws Aren’t Keeping Up Another article that argues two things that I would dispute – ‘sex robots are here’, and ‘laws aren’t keeping up’.… Read More »

Lockdowns Promote Internet Sex Toys.. And Perhaps Digisexuality

It has been reported in Rolling Stone magazine that sales of internet connected sex toys such as the Kiiroo Onyx+, are growing rapidly during the coronavirus crisis. The popular women’s sex toy company WeVibe, whose haptic vibrators can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, has also reported a notable uptick in demand. This mirrors… Read More »

Bill Maher Takes Aim At Digisexuals

A very humorous (and actually in parts quite informative!) look at the history of sexual relationships with technology. Bill Maher does actually use the word ‘digisexual’, which is why Dr Markie retweeted it – it was her and Neil McArthur who coined the term in their seminal academic paper – ‘The Rise of Digisexuality :… Read More »

Anti Sex Robot Bigotry – Is It Time To Make Digiphobia A Hate Crime?

BBC Science, in a leading article on the site’s homepage, acts as a loudspeaker for the calls of ‘American’ researchers (well, one American female ‘scientist’ and a rather sad British female anti-sexbot campaigner) to ban sex robots. ‘Sex robots may cause psychological damage’ is the headline. And it’s not in quotes. It’s fact. Sex robots… Read More »

Ten Interesting Sex Tech Accounts To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in sex tech. Here’s a list of ten of the accounts that I get most value from following. Of course, you should start by following me @FutureSex_Tech Ten interesting #SexTech people and companies to follow on Twitter @Virt-A-Mate – The official… Read More »

Canadian TV News Article On Digisexuality

Interesting and informative piece on digisexuality from CTV (Canadian TV) News, with a variety of perspectives including the ‘founder’ of digisexuality Neil McArthur (himself a Canadian). https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/technology-gives-rise-to-digisexuality-an-alternative-to-human-partners-1.4747940 But with these developments, we’ve also seen swift backlash against sexual technologies, McArthur said, and he fears moral panic will only grow more intense as more digisexuals come… Read More »

Realbotix Claim Their Sex Robots Could Kill You

I recently argued here that there’s a danger of ‘sex robot’ manufacturers deliberately making hysteric soundbites as regards the supposed possible dangers of their products, simply in order to get some clicks and media attention. It’s already backfiring in that South Korea has become the first, and very likely not the last, to come close… Read More »

Owning The Term Digisexuality

One of the more interesting articles on digisexuality appeared in the UK Metro paper a couple of months ago, I just came upon it recently. It’s attention grabbing headline states the fear that we might soon be ‘falling in love with people who don’t exist‘. This got me thinking about how ambiguous the term digisexuality… Read More »

Important New York Times Article On Digisexuals

The profile of digisexuals received another boost recently with the publication of an in-depth article in the New York Post entitled – ‘Do You Take This Robot‘.. An excellent and thought-provoking article, it starts with the case of Akihiko Kondo, the 35 year old Japanese male who ‘married’ the holographic anime idol Hatsune Miko. it… Read More »

A Digisexual Manifesto

One of the new buzzwords of the last year or so has been ‘digisexuality’, a term coined to describe the lifestyle of individuals who seek sexual satisfaction through technology (‘digisexuals’). It captures the awareness that digital technology is affecting masturbation, sex, and relationships (even marriage) in ever increasingly powerful and disruptive ways. It can cover… Read More »