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An increasing number of lobby groups and activists are attempting to bring in governmental legislation to regulate or even ban the production, sale, and ownership of sex robots.

Sex Robots – Comfort for the Elderly or A Solution To Fermi’s Paradox?

‘Finishing touches to Alexa’ credit DS Doll Robotics[/caption]Like London buses, three diverse and rather important sex robot essays and papers looking at the possible implications of them for society, have all appeared at the same time (or in the third case, recently resurfaced). All three deserve reading, or even studying, and I’d like to give… Read More »

Remote Controlled Sex Dolls – The Ultimate In Teledildonics

Sex robots that can move and talk, self-heat and lubricate, and even tell you the capital of Mongolia, are almost here. But until they can actually feel your penis inside of them, they will continue to be little more than sophisticated Fleshlights, and sex with them no more than advanced masturbation. However, there is another… Read More »

Two News Articles On Sex Robots

A couple of interesting articles on sex robots appeared in the news recently. Clickbait articles on sexbots appear daily, but these two are worth actually reading. Sex Robots Are Here But Laws Aren’t Keeping Up Another article that argues two things that I would dispute – ‘sex robots are here’, and ‘laws aren’t keeping up’.… Read More »

Sex Robot Podcast Featuring Kate Devlin

Kate Devlin is a British computer scientist specialising in Artificial intelligence and Human–computer interaction. She co-chaired the annual Love and Sex With Robots convention in 2016 held in London, after penning the seminal defence of sex robots a year earlier hat was published in The Conversation and entitled – ‘In defence of sex machines: why… Read More »

Anti Sex Robot Bigotry – Is It Time To Make Digiphobia A Hate Crime?

BBC Science, in a leading article on the site’s homepage, acts as a loudspeaker for the calls of ‘American’ researchers (well, one American female ‘scientist’ and a rather sad British female anti-sexbot campaigner) to ban sex robots. ‘Sex robots may cause psychological damage’ is the headline. And it’s not in quotes. It’s fact. Sex robots… Read More »

What Sex Robots Can Do In 2020 And What They Might Do In 2030

Alternative Russian news site Sputnik is reporting that RealDoll are planning to equip their sex robots (which are still not for sale) with ‘spacial awareness’ and facial recognition. While Sputnik quoting RealDoll representative ‘Brick Dollbanger’ might not be convincing for some, there’s no doubt that there are real advances now appearing to happen very quickly… Read More »

Canadian TV News Article On Digisexuality

Interesting and informative piece on digisexuality from CTV (Canadian TV) News, with a variety of perspectives including the ‘founder’ of digisexuality Neil McArthur (himself a Canadian). https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/technology-gives-rise-to-digisexuality-an-alternative-to-human-partners-1.4747940 But with these developments, we’ve also seen swift backlash against sexual technologies, McArthur said, and he fears moral panic will only grow more intense as more digisexuals come… Read More »

XBiz On How Ultra-Conservative Zealots Became Media Experts On ‘Sexpolitation’

Adult industry news hub Xbiz published an interesting piece recently exposing how ‘The National Center On Sexual Exploitation’ morphed from being an ultra-conservative anti-porn group called ‘Morality In Media’ into a seemingly respectable NGO that the media quotes and politicians listen to on all things to do with ‘sex exploitation’ – from sex trafficking to… Read More »

Academics Want Sex Robots To Be Able To Withhold Consent

Sex robots are pure click bait. They don’t even really exist yet (what we have are ‘smart sex dolls’) and are likely decades away in any meaningful form, yet online news sites are carrying stories about them nearly every day, and all because the public just can’t get enough of them. Even academics are finding… Read More »