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Sex Robots – Comfort for the Elderly or A Solution To Fermi’s Paradox?

‘Finishing touches to Alexa’ credit DS Doll Robotics[/caption]Like London buses, three diverse and rather important sex robot essays and papers looking at the possible implications of them for society, have all appeared at the same time (or in the third case, recently resurfaced). All three deserve reading, or even studying, and I’d like to give… Read More »

Sex Redistribution as a Solution to Incels?

“To give a man 5 sous because he is poor and has no bread is perfect, but to give him a blowjob because he has no girlfriend is too much of a good thing: you don’t have to do that.” ― Michel Houellebecq In the light of the awful act of terrorism by self-proclaimed ‘incel’… Read More »