20.Dating – At Last A Dating App For Men Seeking Younger Women

20.dating David Minns dating app extreme age differences

20.dating - Dating app for older men seeking younger women

It’s possible today to find a dating app for just about any kind of micro-niche or demographic you can think of. The engineer David Minns has played his own small part in adding to the list in recent months, founding ‘Dinky One’ – a dating app for men with small penises. He also created a dating app for transgenders that automatically removed offensive terms such as ‘tranny’ from messages and chat.

Now Mr Minns has launched 20.Dating – a dating app only for those seeking relationships with people at least 20 years older or younger than themselves.

Perhaps it’s because of the stigma of age gap relationships in the 21st century world, and the fact that relationships with large differences in years has become so rare, instead of the historical norm for millenia, that he’s turned his attention to this relatively recent ‘micro-niche’ demographic. In any case, it’s good news that he’s set up a non-seedy alternative to Sugar Daddy type dating sites, and launched an app that caters simply for people who prefer relationships with older or younger people. Of course, most of the ‘older’ members are likely to be male, and it would be naive to think that the female membership base wont attract a fair share of gold diggers, but it’s nevertheless refreshing to see a dating app for old codgers like me and the fresh young women who appreciate our decades of wisdom as well as decades of (often) futile young skirt chasing.

David Minns blatantly lies when he claims that there is a double standard in which society sees older men dating younger women acceptable, but not the other way around. That was true maybe 30 years ago, but not so much today. 62 year old Madonna can flaunt her barely out his teens male lover and its ‘girl power’, yet Hollywood actors and pop singers are at risk of being called a dirty old man and worse if they openly date a hot 21 year old.

Whatever. I guess he has to keep the media happy, even if he knows that 99% of his older clientele will be men looking to date a young babe who isn’t the type of open gold digger found on sites like Seeking Arrangement. Indeed, the home page of the site has a smiling and fresh faced young beauty to tempt men in.

20.dating home page beautiful young woman

His latest invention is an app where you are only able to match with people who are 20 years older or younger than yourself – and it’s aptly named 20 Dating. The aim is to tackle the stigma around relationship age gaps, where women are often judged much more harshly than men (with the age-old trope of females being cougars when dating younger people). However, 20 Dating is not just for romance – platonic friendships are encouraged, too.

‘The glamorous world of movie stars and music artists is full of large age gap relationships, some as extreme as 20 years,’ David tells us. ’20 Dating brings a little of that in reach of us all. There will be older divorced men and women who want a radical change and adventure who will match perfectly with a 20 something who wants a mature partner. ‘But 20 is for all relationship types; from friendship to casual and serious.

The stigma against age gap relationships will be harder to maintain as life extension breakthroughs in the next decades see most of us living healthily (and youthfully) into perhaps are second century. Demanding that people date their own age peers will come to be seen as stupid and unbearably restrictive as the historic imperative to date within one’s own race and social class.

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