Researchers find the perfect face

Angelina Jolie not a perfect face

Or not as the case may be.  Scientists at the university of Toronto claim that they have pinpointed exactly why some female faces are more attractive than others – the distance between the eyes, nose and mouth must be a specific ratio.  They also found that the perfect ratio happened to be the average ratio for women in general.

I’m a little wary at attempts to discover the perfect algorithm for female beauty.  Sure, as a virtual sex fan I recognise that if sex appeal can be analysed into mathematical ratios would make computer generated babes a lot easier to programme.  However, I suspect there is a little more to it than a simple magic formula.  Previous attempts to average out the facial dimensions of beautiful models in order to create the ‘ultimate composite babe’ have been made, and the results are invariably bland, if not ‘uncanny’.

In this case, the supposed perfect ratios mean that Angelina Jolie shouldn’t be attractive to men – surely counting as a black swan for this particular rule of beauty.  I rather suspect that female beauty might be a lot more complex and variable, and that there may by thousands of very different ‘perfect beauties’.  (and no, I’m not talking about fat chicks being beautiful too, just that I neither want or expect to spend my entire virtual sex life banging the same identical computer generated ‘perfect’ beauty!)

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