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Best AR Porn Sites 2020

It has been rather a while since I took a good look at the state of play in the nascent augmented reality porn world and updated this list. To tell you the truth, this is because not a lot – until recently – has been happening. For a long time there was the same handful… Read More »

Augmented Reality NSFW Demo App (18+)

The first attempts at (digital) augmented reality porn continue to improve, although all are still in the demo stage. ZnelArts are one of the leaders in working out how to place realistic sexy girls inside the viewer’s world, and here’s a YouTube video demonstration of their latest prototype : Interesting digital XR work is also… Read More »

Sony Smartphone Takes 3D Clone Snaps

Sony has revealed new smartphones that can create detailed 3D scans of almost any object using the phone’s camera. The company said the innovation was possible thanks to the power of the processor in its latest handsets. It unveiled a series of new devices at the Ifa technology show in Berlin. http://www.bbc.com/news/av/technology-41111442/sony-phone-app-takes-3d-clone-snaps It goes without… Read More »