Sony Smartphone Takes 3D Clone Snaps

Sony has revealed new smartphones that can create detailed 3D scans of almost any object using the phone’s camera.
The company said the innovation was possible thanks to the power of the processor in its latest handsets.
It unveiled a series of new devices at the Ifa technology show in Berlin.

It goes without saying that the future sex tech implications of this breakthrough are going to be massive, not only for the professional adult industry, but for the ‘democratized’ and now ‘digitized’ amateur porn world.

The main areas it will impact upon are 3D printed sex dolls and toys, and virtual and augmented reality porn. Expect to see online adult 3D printing services open up that allow you to upload a 3D scan of your girlfriend or wife, yourself, or even scans of other people you’ve download or been ‘sexted’. These could be whole body scans, heads, or just sexual organs. A 3D printed replica sex toy or doll, to the scale of your choice or that the size of your wallet allows, will then be created and sent to your door.

Similarly, these scans will be used in augmented and virtual reality as photo-realistic avatars (and I guess that’s the point). This comes just at a time when major breakthroughs in CGI photo realism and animation are happening – co-incidentally or not just when augmented and virtual reality are starting to hit the mainstream consumer.

Both of these developments will happen so fast that likely we will have moral panics and new laws before we can even draw breath and take a rational look at the undoubted ethical implications. For example, some feminists are already claiming that the use of a person’s image for sexual purposes without their explicit consent, such as in a virtual reality porn fantasy or with regards to a sex doll, is ‘rape’ and should be defined as such in law. Although law enforcement has never taken the problem of adult movie piracy very seriously, they might be more inclined to do so if such activity becomes ‘rape’ or perhaps ‘sex trafficking’ when the copyrighted images will be used as 3D photo-realistic avatars in personal VR sex fantasies. It will certainly take the concept of ‘revenge porn’ to a whole new level.

The recently released Apple ARKit for augmented reality developers is already being used to make bikini babe holograms. Tech such as the Sony camera will make it so simple that almost anybody will be able to turn themselves or their partners, or any 3D scan, into a hologram. :

And adult studios are already testing the waters. The following company – Znelarts – has already been producing adult games for virtual reality and is now also experimenting with the ARKit :

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