World’s First ‘Vagina Beer’ Brewed From Bacteria Of Hot Models

Polish vagina beer

A Polish brewery has teased potential new customers with what they claim is the world’s first ‘vagina beer’. Made from the bacteria of two hot Polish models, the premium beer is priced accordingly, and apparently comes served on beer mats featuring sexy photos of the girl who helped ‘create’ it.

If you wonder what is the essential part of this beer, here it is: brewery used bacteria from the vaginas of two smoking hot models, Paulina and Monika. Mann explained that a gynecologist took a smear from the women, and then a laboratory in the city of Poznan managed to isolate the necessary lactic acid bacteria for the beer’s production.

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Whether or not this is a clever marketing trick, entirely fake, creepy or downright disgusting, it does perhaps point the way to how even biotech could be intruding into the adult entertainment industry in the future.

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