BadoinkVR Spa Day Review (18+)

Sophia Leone BadoinkVR movie

This was released by BadoinkVR a month or so ago and it’s one of my favourite movies of theirs.

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It stars the beautiful Sophia Leone, a natural beauty of Italian origin. There is nothing exceptional about the sex, other than she is truly gorgeous, and also the fact that she is presented to the camera a little bit further away from the camera than most VR porn scenes I’ve seen, which means there is not ‘scale’ problems or distortions whatsoever. I’m not sure if this is because the actor simply has a very long torso, or they were deliberately going for this effect using some filming technique.

Not only does Sophia look natural, her acting is as well, or maybe rather she’s not acting at all and genuinely enjoying being fucked in VR 😀 Can’t find the babe on Twitter, but she is on Instagram (which is probably better) :

Sophia Leone VR photo

Italian girl Sophia Leone showing pussy

Italian girl fucking in virtual reality 3d

Italian girl Sophia Leone facial

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