David Ley On Stripchat Discussing The Anti-Fappers

NoFap Danger

David Ley was invited on to the adult webcam site Stripchat to discuss the NoFap cult via a livestream. It’s a brilliant and entertaining debunking of the anti-fappers and well worth watching in its entirety. David Ley is a clinical psychologist who has done sterling work dismantling the whole ‘Your Brain On Porn’ psuedo-science that lies behind anti-(male) masturbation, whether the NoFap camps or the Conservative and radical feminist bed sharing anti-porn activists.


It’s apparently #NoNutNovember, where anti-fap cultists convince themselves that refraining from masturbation for a month will improve their health and, more importantly, sex appeal to women. In fact, as David Ley points out, studies have shown that both lack of sex and lack of masturbation (in other words, lack of semen release) results in reduced testosterone. This is hardly surprising, as the body can presumably tell the difference between ejaculation through masturbation and ejaculation through sex (and even if it did, I’m sure it would be tricked by virtual reality porn!).

Ironically, November is also a month where many men undertake #Movember – growing a moustache for one month in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. And at least one study suggests that frequent ejaculations reduce the risk of prosate cancer for men.

It’s also good to see more adult companies taking a stand against the lies of anti-porn activists, rather than simply donating money to breast cancer charities (not that that isn’t a very worthy cause, as are prostate cancer charities).

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