Feminist Plans ‘Consent Only’ Sex Robot Brothel

Unicole Unicron sexbot brothel

Unicorn Unicrole sex robot brothel feminist

It seems that one feminist has taken a refreshingly unique view to the inevitable rise of the sex robots – if you can’t beat them (or ban them) then join them… or at least make some dollars from an ‘ethical’ version of a sex robot brothel.

Feminist online cult leader ‘Unicole Unicron’ has turned robot brothel madam and announced plans to open a ‘consent only’ sexbot whore house.

Although apparently inspired by #MeToo, Unicole isn’t above charging her punters extra for ‘taking the virginity’ of her sex robot sluts.

Unicole Unicron, leader of online feminist cult Unicult, is attempting to raise funds to launch , a consent-oriented sex robot brothel based in West Hollywood, California.

She is aiming to “spread matriarchal change” through the consensual use of anatomically correct sex robots programmed to give their permission before intercourse with patrons.

The hyper-realistic sex robots, designed by California-based developer Realbotix, are capable of speech, machine learning and autonomous movement.

Customers are required to build a relationship with the sex robot through an Realbotix app downloaded to their phone before renting a room at the brothel.

Unicole is aiming to raise £121,000 ($155,000) to design, build and rent an “inclusive” space for a variety of demographics, including punters who have “wild fantasies” and want to “explore cheating”.

In order to reach that fundraising goal the brothel is offering contributors the opportunity to take a sex robot’s “virginity” for £7,000 ($10,000).

Unicole suggested the concept behind her brothel is aligned with the ideals of the #MeToo movement, a viral campaign aimed at highlighting the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment.

She hopes her brothel will follow in the footsteps of #MeToo by fostering a culture of consent and thus creating a “truly healthy sexual narrative for everyone”.

Source : https://stockdailydish.com/worlds-first-consent-only-sex-robot-brothel-inspired-by-metoo-eyes-us-expansion/

In other news, right campaigner for sex doll owners Lacy Liberty has sadly announced her retirement from Twitter activism, at least for the time being, due to an illness on the part of her mom. Let’s hope mom is healthy again soon and Lacy can be back doing her admirable work pushing back on repressive anti-sextech laws.

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