Poll – Which Future Sex Tech Are You Most Excited About?

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There are many ways in which technology is going to revolutionize the way we have sex, or the way we obtain sexual satisfaction over the next decade. Some of these sexually disruptive technologies I’ve listed above – please choose the tech you feel the most excited about. The only one that likely needs any explanation I’ve called ‘female beautification’. Over the next few years, the ‘beauty industry’ is going to be disrupted by future tech as much as any. From Crispr gene editing allowing possible reversal of aging, to stem cell breast implants and anti-obesity pills – the fact is, women are likely going to become hotter and hotter. This trend, driven primarily by sex tech revolutionizing the beauty and cosmetics industry, will be further pushed by the other techs, such as VR porn and sexbots, directly competing for men’s attentions…

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Xhumanist has been writing on porn/sex tech for nearly two decades, and has been predicting the rise of VR and AR porn, as well as AI porn, and their coming together to produce fully 'immersive porn', which would be indistinguishable from the real thing, and create a society of 'sexual abundance'. He identifies as a digisexual, and has been quoted in Wired Magazine.

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