Russian Girl Michelle Carr Private 4K Review (18+)

By | May 1, 2018

most beautiful girl 4K porn
Mmmm, sweet barely legal Russian teen girls were made for 4K ultra-hd. Their flawless skin, nubile bodies, and beautiful Euro-Asiatic faces can be finally captured in all their glory. If you agree with me here, and if you have a 4K TV, monitor, or laptop, then you really should think about a subscription to Private. One of the oldest porn brands in the world have been filming in 4K for several years now, and have a huge selection of young Russian hotties with natural, perfect bodies and ravishingly beautiful faces. One such goes by the name of Michelle Carr, though she is probably called something like Anastasia or Zhenya in real life. The following video trailer is not in 4K Ultra-HD, unfortunately, but you get an idea of how awesome the full movie would look on a big screen 4K TV.

>>Watch the Full Movie in 4K<<

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