SexLikeReal Add Custom CGI Backgrounds For Passthrough Scenes

As expected, the popularity of passthrough porn is increasing rapidly now that the Meta Quest 3, with its high-quality color passthrough, is getting into the hands of VR porn fans around the world. SexLikeReal, which has almost single-handedly been pioneering the development of Passthrough porn videos this week announced the availability of dynamic CGI backgrounds for their passthrough videos. You may be asking – ‘what is the point of that?’. After all, the thrill of passthrough porn is to see the girl in your home surroundings. Well, this is for those who would like to experience the growing number of passthrough filmed videos, in immersive virtual reality, rather than AR. For a time, it seemed that specifically filming in a certain way (namely with a green screen) might not be necessary with advances in AI, and the ability to post-edit the background out of a conventionally shot VR video. However, it would appear that with recent improvements in passthrough filming techniques developed by SexLikeReal, involving grey chrome male actor suits and backgrounds, this produces better results than post-editing.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of SexLikeReal’s announcement is that members of the site can create and submit their own CGI-generated backgrounds.

For people who don’t use passthrough AR porn, animated dynamic backgrounds can make existing passthrough AR porn scenes more engaging and immersive. In this blog we will tell you how to submit your own background composites (details below), and show previews of the CGI background images that the SLR team is currently working on.
Getting To Know Jade Kimiko showcases an exciting new development in AR Passthrough – with a single-click you can switch between a stunning CGI-generated background and passthrough. So you can enjoy sex with Jade Kimiko surrounded by awe-inspiring natural scenery and your own room in the same scene!

SexLikeReal gave several examples of CGI backgrounds created by their developer ‘Zed’.

Jade Kimliko cgi passthrough background SexLikeReal

SexLikeReal Serena Hill space bedroom sci-fi cgi passthrough AR background

SexLikeReal have attracted a fair bit of controversy over the years, particularly with their abrasive official rep, who can be rather insulting in response to any perceived criticisms expressed on places like Reddit. However, there is no doubt that they are one of the few forward-looking VR porn sites, with staff that can envision what the state of VR will be like in 12 months or 2 years down the road, and prepare accordingly.

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