VRCosplayX Little Mermaid Charlie Red VR Review

Little Mermaid Charlie Red

Young Czech babe stars as the Little Mermaid in this inventive and beautiful take on the fairytale by VRCosplayX.

Charlie Red Stars in ‘Little Mermaid’ Cosplay Porn VR Parody

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I love red headed girls, as well as Czech girls, and when you put the two together in VR Porn in the shape of young actress Charlie Red, then I’m definitely in! She must have one of the most perfect butts seen in VR too, with the best shot of the movie being when you’re banging her from behind and slapping your balls against those beautiful ass cheeks, and she turns her head with her flowing red hair in order to look at you.

This is a VR cosplay take on the Little Mermaid fairytale. That story features a mermaid who trades her fishy lower half for human legs in order to win the heart oCharlie Red Little Mermaid VRf a handsome prince and gain a human soul. In this VR porn parody, Charlie Red is the mermaid eagerly sucking you off – she submerged in the pool in a mermaid costume, and you lying over the edge – in order to get to dry land and have human legs. And what a fine pair of slim, long legs they turn out to be, put to good use as she spreads them wide for you to be able to pound her wet pussy as hard as you can go. She even uses her new feet to give you a very delicate footjob!

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