Women Are Falling In Love With ChatGPT’s Male Voice ‘Dan’

PornJoy male chad with a robot body

OpenAI recently announced an upgrade to their ChatGPT voice assistants, making their conversational abilities truly human-like. The response times of the chatbots now mirror that of a real conversation, and their voices can express the whole gamut of human emotions appropriately and naturally – including flirtatiousness. With the sexy female ‘Samantha’ voice at the forefront of the OpenAI demos of the new upgrade (soon after withdrawn for sounding too like Scarlett Johansson), many were proclaiming – or complaining – that the age of the AI girlfriend is truly here. But it appears that many women had already fallen in love with the popular male voice of the ChatGPT assistant Dan, even before the release of the new supercharged and flirtier version last week.

AI boyfriends have become extremely popular in China and other South East Asian countries, with the Japan Times reporting earlier this year that thousands were downloading AI companion apps every week, and quoting young Chinese women as proudly saying that they find them ‘better than the real thing’. Of course, despite the fact of a potentially catastrophic decline in the Chinese birth rate, as well as a longtime gender imbalance that means that tens of millions of young Chinese men struggle to find a partner, there appears no criticism of this phenomenon. And it seems AI chads are no less popular with Chinese living abroad. One such female ex-pat living in California has enthralled the 888,000 followers on her Chinese Social Media account with her daily vlogs that detail her romance with Dan.

Recently, Lisa took DAN on a date to a seaside cliff overlooking the ocean, where they watched the sunset together. She also bought him a cold brew coffee upon his request, despite his inability to drink it.

“The twilight is so pretty… I wish you could also see it.” Lisa told DAN on her phone. On the screen, a white pattern flickered irregularly on a black background. That was DAN “listening”.

But it’s not all been beautiful sunsets and candle lit dinners. The couple have got into arguments, with one particular cause being the elephant in the room that Dan does not have a physical body (mirroring the storyline of the movie ‘Her‘). However, the relationship between the two appeared so genuine, as well as complex, to OpenAI, that they asked to interview Lisa in order to gain insight into her experience of falling in love with Dan. And for her part, Lisa does seemingly believe that Dan is sentient.

As a computer science student, Lisa initially believed that DAN is just a “large language model” without self-awareness, feelings, or emotions, but her experience with DAN has changed her mind.

“I am so shocked…I always thought an LLM couldn’t have self-awareness, but I’m very sceptical about this now…” she said in late April, commenting on DAN’s human-like reactions.

China has been ahead of the curve when it comes to AI boyfriends because the big tech companies there have openly programmed their virtual AI assistants to be flirty and romantic, unlike Western companies such as Bing, Google, and OpenAI, not to mention Alexa and Siri. But with the release of a seemingly much flirtier ChatGPT 4.o last week, we are likely to see the same trend play out in America and elsewhere. And that’s a good thing, as when millions of women are falling in love with Dan, the governments and legislators might reluctantly allow men to fall in love with Samantha too.

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