SexLikeReal Introduce World’s First Passthrough VR Cam Shows

SLR Passthrough VR Cam 2

Leading VR porn aggregator SexLikeReal has announced the world’s first live passthrough cams, with the models appearing in front of a green screen. The first show, featuring the charming model ‘Annemanifique’ was streamed live yesterday. Watching the live shows is as easy as for passthrough porn videos. All that is needed is a VR headset like the Quest 3 or Pico 4 that has color passthrough, and to click ‘enable passthrough’ after visiting the cam girl’s room. Interestingly, although SexLikeReal (and other studios such as CzechAR) have been marketing passthrough porn videos as ‘AR porn’, they appear to be calling these shows ‘VR passthrough cams’.

SexLikeReal passthrough cam feature

Live VR cams, although often very amateurish with no ‘director’ to guide the filming, is a truly intimate experience. Talking to a live VR cam girl in passthrough mode, and seeing her ‘sitting on your bed’, or on your sofa next to you, must be another level of intimacy. One commentator underneath the SLR passthrough cam demo noted that the “price of green paint (is) about to skyrocket in Colombia!”.

You can try out the passthrough cam feature for free. I assume this is a recorded loop of Annemanifique’s live show, as she appears to be streaming constantly. You don’t have to become a premium member of SexLikeReal to view new passthrough cam shows live, but you will have to buy ‘tokens’.

Of course, the one drawback of live VR cams in passthrough or not, is that the cam girl cannot share the experience in VR with you. This could change as the technology progresses, with the Apple Vision Pro giving us a glimpse of the future in their FaceTime chat feature, which allows two people to talk to each other in virtual reality using AI to create photorealistic real-time avatars of both (minus the headsets).

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