52 YO Former Playboy Bunny Recreates Younger Self As AI Generated Version

Autobabes Gina Stewart cover AI model ImmersivePorn.com ft image

Only a few months ago, and the Internet was ablaze with memes gloatingly predicting the end of the adult industry. Adult ‘influencer’ sites such as OnlyFans were felt to be under particular threat, as real models would inevitably be made redundant by perfect AI generated girls that could be customized to the prices tastes of the male consumer. However, this isn’t how things have turned out, at least up to now. In fact, rather than spelling the end of online sex workers, generative AI has enabled them to cash in with an extra revenue stream, in the form of official AI chatbot versions of themselves that fans can date and interact with. And as I predicted here, it is now helping aging or retired adult performers to resurrect their earlier careers in a digital form.

In the case of 52 year old former Playboy bunny Gina Stewart, it has allowed her to recreate her former glory days of decades past, in order to profit from the OnlyFans revenue stream potential of today’s Internet. In fact, in her case she was still enjoying success on OnlyFans as the ‘world’s hottest grandma’, before her AI facelift. Despite this, she has chosen to launch her digital clone in the form of her 28 year old self, and her fans apparently love it. She has also become the first AI model to grace the cover of a magazine – Autobabes number 105.

Gina Stewart AutoBabes AI generated girl

Having an AI generated double not only allows aging former models to recreate their former prime selves, it helps any model or influencer to save time and money on posing for a shoot. The use of AI clones by real life models will become so ubiquitous, that their fans may gradually come to no longer really care whether a particular photo or video is real or AI. Perhaps this might also eventually lead to the unintended consequence of men not caring whether the photo is even based upon a real person.

Last week it was announced by top NSFW AI companion site ‘DreamGF‘ that they will be launching a tool that will easily allow models to create an AI version of themselves that can interact with their fans, similar to the cloned influencers of Forever Companions such as CarynAI.

We are launching our model AI content generator at DreamGF.ai that lets models up load images of themselves to make an AI version that can interact with their fans – The AI models will chat with fans, make custom content with fans and soon video for them.

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