Adult Cam Site Uses Facial Recognition Software to Help You Find Lookalike of Your Crush

An adult webcam site – MegaCams – is offering visitors the use of facial recognition software to find a camgirl out of it’s huge database of performers who looks like a crush of theirs.

You can upload a picture of someone you want to see nude. Megacams will scan your image and match it with all our live sex models in our database. This way it feels like you are having live sex with the person in your picture. At Megacams we do everything so you can enjoy live sex with the models of your dreams. Please enter a valid email address as the results of your facial porn match will be emailed to you (this mostly takes a few minutes, depending on the number of face recognition requests we get).

Facial recognition has been notoriously used to dox the identity of pornstars, both amateur and pro. This is likely the first time, however, that the adult industry has made use of the technology for profit. The potential of facial technology is huge, from 2D porn to augmented reality porn, as well as 3D printed sex dolls and toys. The danger is that leglislators may not distinguish too carefully between the legitimate use of it in porn and illegal ‘revenge porn’. For example, there will soon be applications or sites offering to turn a photo of your lusted after neighbour or co-worker into a naked 3D girl in virtual reality that you can even have sex with. Would this be revenge porn without the consent of the imaged person? Even if viewable only to the person who uploads the image? This will be just one example of a plethora of moral and legal questions that will soon be raised by the rapid explosion in future sex tech currently taking place.

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