Annie Darling is the Perfect Teen VR Girlfriend

Annie Darling SexBabesVR

Put on your headset and experience a parallel universe where you have a young sweetheart you can call round on anytime, and as long as you have a bunch of flowers in your hand, she’s going to let you smash her sweet pussy into tomorrow, as well as taking every last drop of your sperm.

Annie Darling Stars In ‘Virtual Girlfriend’ 5K VR Teen GFE Movie Review

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Annie Darling is one of the hottest young chicks in VR porn, and in this SexBabesVR movie she gives us the full virtual girlfriend experience, from the moment you knock on her door with a bouquet of flowers in your hand, to the end of the video when she’s lovingly swallowing every last drop of your sperm that you’ve shot into her mouth after pounding her pussy hard.

SexBabesVR filming technique is a little different from the other major pay sites in they seem to shoot the action a little further away from the girl, meaning that it just looks better (the scene where you’re smashing Annie from behind is amazing) as well as giving you the illusion of being 6ft 6 tall, lol! Well, this is virtual reality, right?

Another great feature of this movie (in my opinion) is that it appears that SexBabesVR are now using the stunt cock in lieu of a real male actor, as BabeVR have always done. As regular readers will be aware, I’m a great fan of this and it really does help with the ‘virtual’ girlfriend aspect of the movie.

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