Biohacker injects stem cells into penis to make it bigger

A male ‘biohacker’ has reportedly injected stem cells into his healthy, medium sized penis in the hope of making it bigger.

“I wanted to go from good to great, and to get a bigger dick,” he told Gizmodo. “I’m not going to lie, that’s why guys without erectile dysfunction would do this.”

“The point I want to make, not only with [the penis] experiment but with everything I do, is that I am constantly exploring cutting-edge, high-tech health solutions to optimize my body, mind and spirit,” he elaborated on a recent Facebook post.

Greenfield had US Stem Cell take body fat cells and isolated the stem cells, ready for injection. The resulting stem cells were then injected into his shaft.

Stem cells have been effectively used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, however their effects on size, length and girth have never been tested, until now.

Stem cell breast augmentation is already a thing offered at many cosmetic clinics, including the USA. It might not be so obvious as to how stem cells might be able to increase penis size, but penis extenders work (or not) on the principle that when the penis is regularly stretched, new cells are generated to ‘fill the gaps’ as it were, making the penis permanently longer and thicker.

Ben Greenfield is now the third ‘biohacker’ to gain the attention of the media, and it is notable that these three have respectively atteempted to restore female youth and beauty (Liz Parrish), give a geeky guy more muscles (Josiah Zayner), and now a guy trying to give himself a bigger dick.

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