Age Reversal Could Be Mainstream By 2025

What a different kind of world it will be if most of the people in it did not look a day over 25. If 70 year olds, looked, felt, and perhaps acted, just like ‘real’ 25 year olds. What impact would it have on sex lives, and our attitudes to sex, dating, and marriage? We might have to consider these questions soon, because an increasing number of scientifically minded people believe we are on the cusp of a rejuvenation revolution in which we will not only be able to stop aging, but reverse it…in as little as seven years time.

George Church has a stealth startup Rejuvenate Bio that is working on reversing about 60 different age related factors. There is unpublished work on mice with eyepopping results and they have begun genetic engineering aging reversal on dogs. Human aging reversal could be commercialized by 2025.

He discussed the reversing of aging in January 2018. There was restoring bone and partially reprogramming stem cells for aging reversal effects.

As well as gene editing techniques, anti-aging experts are excited by a new class of drugs called ‘senolytics‘ that kill dead cells in the body that accumulate with age, and are thought to be one of the main contributers of aging related diseases. When aged mice have been treated with the senolytic drugs, they showed a remarkable restoration of vitality and youth, even regrowing hair. These drugs are already in clinical testing and could also be available to the public in as little as 5 – 7 years time.

Fans of cougars and ‘mature’ women may be out of luck, but the rest of us will likely be overjoyed at being bathed in a sea of young hotties that never age. Particularly as we ourselves will also look young, and if we are past our prime already, have our youth and vitality restored.

What will become of the institution of marriage when people live to be 150, with most of those years spent in the bodies of 20 year olds? Perhaps society will adopt more ‘youthful’ and permissive attitudes to sex, similar to the 1960’s when the baby boomer generation became adults just when the contraceptive pill hit society? In this case, not only will the baby boomer turned conservative generation of pensioners be restored to their Summer of Love state, they will have their sexual vitality and appeal restored just at the time that sex itself is going to become enhanced and more fun than ever, as well as tech such as virtual reality and teledildonics allowing anyone on Earth to have sex with anybody else, anywhere, at any time.

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