UK MP Wants Smart Sex Toys Regulated

The UK seems to be leading the world in the desire to overregulate future sex tech. Now law makers there have smart sex toys in their sights. According to a member of parliament for the opposition Labour party, dildos can now be hacked and need to be regulated.

Smart sex toys may be innovative – but they are also vulnerable to hackers. Fears over sex-toy safety is prompting Labour MP Chi Onwurah to call for regulation of the adult market to avoid such a disaster.
Onwurah, Labour’s Newcastle Central MP, says she is shocked by the lack of regulation surrounding smart sex toys. High-tech sex toys use cameras, share images, and include long-distance controllers.

The shadow minister for business, energy and industrial strategy wants sex-toy manufacturers to be legally required to upgrade security on every device, the Times reports. “Electric toothbrushes, fridges, doorbells, dildos — anything with the word ‘smart’ that communicates with the rest of the world can be hacked,” she said. “You can hack a dildo, and when you’ve hacked that device, it’s more than violating your privacy; it’s violating your security.”

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