Five Best MGTOW YouTube Channels


MGTOW (Men Go Their Own WayMGTOW (‘Men Going There Own Way’) is a controversial and growing men’s movement whose central philosophy is that, in today’s world at least, men will be happier if they forego the pursuit of women and live their lives without the need for the opposite sex. The exact definition of and criteria for living an authentic MGTOW lifestyle varies, as you would expect from such a large community and can range from the extreme of consciously avoiding any and all contact with women, or simply refusing to marry. I do not necessarily agree with the philosophy of MGTOW, but I think it is important to cover here as a growing future sex trend. It also has parallels in the well documented Japanese ‘herbivore’ phenomenon of young men remaining single and gaining all their sexual and emotional satisfaction from anime, male sex toys and the like, now a worldwide trend that will only grow as the technology that allows so called ‘digisexuality‘ improves, whether or not it is politicized in the form of a movement like MGTOW.

It is also a fact that the MGTOW movement is currently at the forefront of defending the right of men to buy, own, and have sex with robots – something that is astonishingly already facing attempts to be made illegal through activist groups led by ‘anti-sexbot campaigners‘ such as Kathleen Richardson.

1/ Sandman –

2/ MGTOW 101 –

3/ Bernard Chapin –

4/ Raging Golden Eagle –

5 / MGTOW Syndicon –

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