MGTOW Sandman – ‘Replace Her With A Robot?’

Sandman - Replace Her With Sex Robots

Sandman - MGTOW video on sex robots

Controversial MGTOW (‘Men Go Their Own Way’) YouTuber ‘Sandman’ uploaded this interesting video the other day, in which he discusses – in response to a viewer’s question – whether sex robots will ever be feasible as a substitute for women. In the end, they both seem to agree, until sexbots can feel and love, then the psychology of sex and the need of men for female validation, will mean that the best such ‘MGTOWs’ can hope for is some kind of combination of sex robots and webcam girls operating the bots remotely – perhaps with augmented reality or such projecting the faces of the actual girls (or idealized avatars) on to the robot. Until such time, sex with robots, no matter how advanced the AI, is in his words ‘ nothing more than sex with a highly intelligent corpse.

The viewer also makes a useful and accurate list of the current faults of realistic sex dolls, including their need for quite a bit of maintenance (the thighs of my expensive sex doll I bought last year have cracked due to me forgetting to apply powder to them regularly), they are heavy, and that their joints are rather inflexible and difficult to move.

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