Gina Gerson in Czech VR

Gina Gerson is my favourite porn actress and she’s already starred in a number of movies for several of the different VR sites. In her latest she becomes the 84th model for CzechVR. Although not Czech, and not even Hungarian as she is often credited as (although she may live in Budapest like many in the industry), she certainly is a beautiful Slavic girl – actually hailing from St Petersburg. This is my favourite of her scenes because unlike the other sites the Czech VR movies are pretty basic with their settings – just you, on a bed, with a horny naked girl. This means that even if you have watched a famous actress like Gina being fucked 100 times before in porn, it feels really fresh in this video, especially of course in VR. Gina becomes less of a pornstar and more of a cute young Russian/Czech/Hungarian girl you just picked up off the street and are now banging on your bed.

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This is the first time I’ve previewed an actual VR porn movie here at this site. Although I want to talk mainly about developments in tech relating to porn and the way we have sex (and masturbate), it seems I may as well showcase some of the best movies. Of course, I don’t want to turn this place into a pornsite, but at the same time it seems silly to pretend it can be entirely ‘safe for work’ when I have porn in the title/domain name. So for the moment I’ll provide links and previews of the best movies, new sites in VR, 4K, (hopefully soon holo etc) whilst not showing any hardcore photos or videos directly (notice I have cropped the still shot of Gina above).

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