Harvard Scientist Claims Aging Will Be Reversed Soon

Harvard scientist and leading geneticist George Church claims that age reversal will be a reality within the next decade. He plans to start clinical trials with dogs next year using gene editing techniques, and if all goes well, the first human age reversal trials will start only a couple of years later and be completed within a decade or so.

What would age reversal look like for a person experiencing it?

It’s actually taking biomarkers toward a younger age. A lot are molecular, but they’re also physiological: strength, memory, resistance to immune insult, the list goes on. If you have something that’s truly systemic there should be a correlation with how you look, too.

How far off is age reversal?

The simple answer is, I don’t know. Probably we’ll see the first dog trials in the next year or two. If that works, human trials are another two years away, and eight years before they’re done. Once you get a few going and succeeding it’s a positive feedback loop.

And you’re actually working on the dog trial now.

Yes, and the particular dog model we’re using has a heart disease issue.

Rejuvenate Bio is still semi-stealth mode, incubator mode, but the trial is not a secret. Dogs are a market in and of themselves. It’s not just a big organism close to humans. It’s something people will pay for. And the FDA process is much faster for dogs than for humans — a little over a year versus nine years or so. We’ll do dog trials and that’ll be a product, and that’ll pay for scaling up in human trials.


Many experts in the field are increasingly confident that there will be working age reversal therapies appearing in the next few years. As far as the physical appearance of aging is concerned, however, things could be more challenging, as it’s not simply a matter of restoring youthful skin.

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