Japanese sex androids a step closer with ‘living human skin’

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Researchers in Japan have made a breakthrough in giving robots ‘living human skin’, bringing true android sex robots a step closer. Whilst such bioengineered skin for robots is not new, this is the first time a team has succeeded in anchoring it to the face of a robot.

Skin is an incredibly complex organ, which is why there is still no proven drug or cream that can truly rejuvenate it, despite the immense riches that would come the way of anybody who develop such a treatment. And while this ‘bioskin’ is made from human cells, real human skin contains a diversity of complex biological properties ranging from blood vessels to sweat glands. And creating the human skin is not the sole problem. Another hurdle is to attach it to the face in a natural way that avoids an Uncanny Valley effect. Underneath the skin of a human face is a complex layer of ligaments. Skin grafting for burns victims is still a long way from perfect, and so making bioskin look natural on an android’s face is a tough challenge to say the least.

However, it’s undoubtedly a major breakthrough, and points forward to a day when we really could have Westworld style sex robots that are indistinguishable from humans. Two years ago, the same team at the University of Tokyo, lead by Professor Shoji Takeuchi, successfully attached bioengineered skin to a motorized mechanical digit. Although challenges remain, the team are clearly making rapid progress towards the ultimate goal.

“We believe that creating a thicker and more realistic skin can be achieved by incorporating sweat glands, sebaceous glands, pores, blood vessels, fat and nerves,” says Takeuchi. “Of course, movement is also a crucial factor, not just the material, so another important challenge is creating humanlike expressions by integrating sophisticated actuators, or muscles, inside the robot.”

Source : https://newatlas.com/robotics/perforations-human-skin-robotic-faces/ You can also see the research team’s academic papar published at Cell Reports Physical Science.

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was predicting the use of stem cell technology to grow real skin and even organs for sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots, and for ‘avatar sex’ between remote couples. I made the bold claim (February 2010) that “the first genuine artificially intelligent sex ‘robots’ will largely be composed of organic material”.

The use of stem cell technology for virtual sex is something that has interested me for sometime. The commonplace use of such technology to clone or to generate new organs appears to be just around the corner. How long will it be, I wonder, before the highly realistic private parts, as well as the skin, hair, and eyes, of high-end sex dolls will be the actual organic clones of famous pornstars? Fucking the Fleshlight vagina of Lupe Fuentes would take on a whole new meaning if it was the actual physical clone of her pussy, rather than just modelled upon it. It’s certainly likely that ‘Roxxy’ notwithstanding, the first genuine artificially intelligent sex ‘robots’ will largely be composed of organic material.

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